Indian bridal wear secrets no one wants you to know: How to coordinate your Indian Bridal Jewelry with Indian Bridal wear

Finding the right wedding dress can sometimes take you months. There are a whole lot of things to consider - the season, your budget, the desired look, the venue, the groom's look, the time of day decided for the wedding and so on. And if it is an Indian bride searching for the ideal Wedding outfit, then the pressure can mount multiple times over. For one an Indian wedding goes on for days with pre and post wedding rituals and festivities, like roka, mehendi, sangeet and reception, requiring more than one outfit, and then there is the challenge to find elaborate jewelry to flatter each outfit.

And it doesn't get any easier when you realise that their are several styles of jewelry within the same category and each style comes with its own pros and cons. Should you buy heavy gold jewelry or fine diamond jewelry ? Should you get matching sets of all pieces of mix it up ? Should the jewelry be all ethnic Indian jewelry or should you also invest in some western style pieces?

Ahh - any bride is likely to turn into a bride-zilla with so much to have to think about.So is there no way out of this mind boggling maze of fashion choices to make when finalising your Indian bridal wear ?

Oh - now no need to lose heart, we know this is no easy task, but with the latest trends and the coolest co-ordinations always being its concern Pure Elegance has some easy breezy suggestions for you to not just pick the best jewelry for your special day , but also has some great tips no one ever told you before - to showcase your look in the best way possible.

Can't wait to find out , how ? Read on -


Jewelry first, outfit later: Yes, that only sounds counter-intuitive, but it is the best advice you could ever get while buying your wedding jewelry. For most brides buying the wedding jewelry is the costliest head on their trousseau budget and it is an investment too. It is also the first step for many towards building their jewelry collection. So you would want to make sure that not only should your jewelry last more than a few seasonal trends, it should also be a collection of amazing pieces that could be paired with multiple styles and trends.

Picking your jewelry first will help you to have a free hand in investing in great timeless pieces without the restraint of matching your wedding outfit. Also building and customizing your outfit around the jewelry is easier than customizing the jewelry around the outfit both in terms of time and expense should that be required.

Show me your Metal: Make sure to pick the metal before selecting the jewelry. If you want to buy platinum or diamond jewelry then your outfit should have corresponding accents and embellishments. Similarly gold ornaments would go well with zaree work. Antique gold jewelry is perfect to go with outfits that have a bronze border or embroidery.

Also make sure never to include more than two metals on the jewelry as well as the outfit to avoid a busy and messy look.



Say I do, not I overdo: When you decide to say I do, make sure you do not overdo your jewelry and wear a statement neckpiece and oversized earrings, a heavy matha-patti and massive nose ring. The idea is to look gorgeous not to seem like a walking talking Indian Jewelry store.

Look up your face and body type, skin tone, hair and height and based on this decide which particular pieces of jewelry will enhance your best features. Then alternate on which pieces you wish to be a highlight. A heavy Nath would be best with minimal gold studs, and a large, chunky choker necklace is best paired with rows of understated pearls or precious stone beads.


Picky finicky :Pick each piece with absolute care. You may want to go all out because this is your chance to truly splurge but there is no point in buying pieces which languish in your bank lockers. Pick each piece only if you are sure you will use them beyond the wedding, and rent the pieces you are not sure about. In the end if you are left with some more of your jewelry budget you can get some small western pieces like a string of pearls or diamond drops to go with western wear or other such occasions and also to wear every day.

Mix and match: No one said that all your pieces should be matchy-matchy and be created in the exact same style. Build your collection around your personality or a particular motif or cut and then even if the individual pieces are not in the exact same detail, they will work together as well as, as separates. If you are known for wearing interesting brooches add one to your wedding collection too.

Now do you see how much better off you would be preparing your Indian wedding trousseau with these tips in mind ?

Go ahead and enjoy your wedding shopping sprees, you can thank us later !


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Article By : Bhavna R

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