3 Easy Steps to Drape a Saree

The age-old Indian traditional attire for women has to be the nine yards of elegance- sari. It is worn across the length and breadth of the country in different ways, yet the very garment celebrates the joy of womanhood in its own unique ways. However, it’s never an easy task to wear and fix your saree in the first time. It takes umpteen number of efforts and attempts to get it right and slay in the gorgeous saree. If you’re also keen to tie a sari for an upcoming wedding or special festive occasion, get a quick tutorial here on how to fix your saree in 3 easy steps.

Tuck your saree

First things first, you slip into your heels and wear the petticoat and blouse. Tie your petticoat as tight as you can and drape the saree slightly from the left side. Once you take one complete round from the left, tuck the inner edge of the upper part inside the petticoat. Now, take a section of your saree from the back of your left side and adjust the length of your pallu. Keep the pallu in place by pinning it on your left shoulder over the blouse so that it doesn’t fall while you dance or move swiftly.

Adjust your pleats

This is a little tricky task for naïve women, however, with practise, you will become quite inept. All you need to do is gather the remains of your sari on the ground and align them into pleats. Start folding from the outer edges in a way that it meets the inner edges uniformly, wrap them together, fix it with a safety pin and tuck them neatly inside your petticoat. Pleats can be adjusted from the bottom, ask for a help since it can be tedious to do this alone especially for the first-timers. Align your pleats properly and see if it falls perfectly on the hem.

The final touch: Pallu

The elegance of a saree is enlivened with a stunning pallu that marks the beauty of any sari. A pallu can make or break your look. So, master the art to drape it perfectly. Ensure how will you carry your pallu as there are different ways to style the sari. Traditionally, it is taken on the left shoulder and secured with a pin.

Hope you enjoyed reading this easy how-to fix a saree tutorial blog. Let us know your feedback and share your opinions. 


So, try wearing a saree soon and let us know your experience. Don’t forget to fix your sari properly to avoid any chaos and have a gala time.

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