How to Rock a Summer Party : 10 style and make up tips to get the best summer party look


Summer is a great time to be out and about doing things you enjoy, whether it is playing your favorite sport, spending a day at the beach or just hosting one of your famous pool parties.


Dealing with higher temperatures, especially in hotter climes can however be a bit of a party blooper. However if you plan ahead and organize your wardrobe before the D-day, you can certainly keep the discomfort of sorbet season to a bare minimum and make the most of it.


Just follow these fashion tips to help you make the most of sunny days and sultry night when you just can't miss that summer party.

  1. All White Outfits : Apart from the clean, fresh and sophisticated look that they bestow on you, all white outfits absorb the least amount of light and reflect most of it back. Pick an all white salwar kameez, dress  or pant suit to keep it classic and cool.


  1. Pastels and Metallics: Pastel and metallic colors are a cool pairing and easier on the eye when everyone is feeling hot hot hot. If all white is too plain for you pick a cool aqua or mauve chiffon saree with a silver blouse or a powder blue salwar kameez. Mint green, lemon yellow or soft peach, all these shades look cool and effortless for a summer party look.
 Metallic shades like fabrics with silvery sheen, or embroideries with pearly tints are also a great     choice to look cool as a cucumber when it is hot as a chilly outside.
  1. Sheers And Nets : One cannot emphasize enough the benefits of sheer fabrics. They are light weight and comfortable to wear. They are wispy thin and let you breathe - And they let you play peak a boo at glamour without being charged guilty. See? Use a sheer back top or garments with sheer panels in the right places for that oomph factor.


  1. Off Shoulders And Cold Shoulders: Another tip to flaunt your coolness quotient with a summer party look is going for off shoulder or cold shoulder outfits. They give you the dual benefit of letting your skin breathe and add some extra appeal to your look. Show off some collar bones, girl.


  1. Higher Hem: Whether it is your pants, kurta, sundress, skirt or palazzos, wearing shorter hems will also let your limbs get some much needed air.


  1. Flowing Silhouettes: Summer may be hot and heavy but your clothes don't have to be. Unlike winter when you must bundle up you can pick flowing silhouettes and easy falling fabrics in summer. Loose cuts of garments like kaftans, billowy tops, anarkalis or loose fitting,  A-line cuts will give you breezy comfort.


  1. Scarves, Sunglasses And Hats: Another summer must have, these accessories are not just ideal to cover up when stepping out in the sun, they are a great way to add some sass to a minimal summer cool outfit while keeping the sun at bay. A long scarf tied to your bag will be handy for use when the glare gets you down. And of course how can a summer party outfit be complete without a pair of cool shades for a day look. For a night look rose or blue tinted glasses may be used to lend your outfit a chill edge.


  1. Nude make up: A full face of makeup, with heavy contouring is not your best bet for a summer party look. Instead wear pressed powder with SPF or if you have summer ready skin just go with sunscreen, maybe some BB cream and a bit of mascara to open up your eyes. You can pick lip stains instead of lipstick as they don't look heavily made up and don't wear out easily.


  1. Metallic and pastel palettes : You should however consider a metallic palette for your evening look. Instead of a heavy makeup summer party look, brush some highlighter in silver, iridescent or pearly tints. A dab of eye shadow in metallic tints like aqua, mauve, or pastels like powder blue or pale rose in powder finish will keep your face from looking caked up and add a subtle hint of the spring freshness of these shades to your ensemble.


  1. Natural Jewelry: In summer, go easy on heavy metallic jewelry. For a day look you can pick light weight jewelry and accessories like chokers, earrings, belts hair ties and bracelets made of natural materials like cloth, wood, jute or even ones made of acrylic in colors matching your outfit. For an evening look you may choose pearls or delicate light weight studded jewelry that would be easy on your skin and not look heavy. You can choose to subtly shine through summer while the sun does its blinding dazzle.
Summer should be a time for your to make the best of the season and these cool summer party looks ensure both comfort and weather appropriate chic for your summer party.
The only thing sultry about your summer party should be the compliments you receive, right ?
Images courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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