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Make it up to me: How to make your make up last longer - 2020 make up hacks

If there is anything a woman enjoys as much as dressing up for an occasion, then it is wearing make up to enhance and showcase her beauty.

Truly dressing up and is a joy all women deserve to enjoy. Women are like flowers and dressing up and looking great is the same for them as careful tending is to a garden.

When it comes to Indian Ethnic dressing the great advantage is that, unlike most western styling one can go both minimal with make up or can pick a totally over the top look depending on the occasion and one's personal style mantra and still not look out of place.

And like dressing well, wearing make up the right way is also a skill, an art that one acquires with time.

Over the years with the advances in make-up production new and better quality cosmetic products are easily available and more and more women enjoy wearing them.

However, no matter how good the product may be, it requires not merely skill but a good understanding to wear make up just right. In fact when it comes to making make-up last longer and better, a few basic hacks can help you make the most of your products and enhance your look.

At Pure Elegance nothing gives us more pleasure than helping you look your best, night or day, on weekdays or festive occasions no matter what look you may have chosen.

And this is why we have for you some timeless make-up hacks that will not only enhance your look but also help your make up last longer and wear better even if you attend one of those all nighters, dancing the blues away.


Primer Donna: Before applying your make up always use a primer. A thin layer of primer helps to smooth out your skin texture. This helps not only to apply the make up more easily but makes it look more natural and also set it to last longer.

Con it, seal it: Concealer is a great product and not all of us use it for the hassle involved. However, you will find that if you use concealer your skin will not only appear flawless, your foundation will last much longer especially in areas that tend to sweat, such as the forehead and around the mouth. Moreover your eyeshadow and eye liner will last much longer.

Lip are sealed: Making your lipstick last longer is easier than you might think. The first simple rule for this is line your lips with a lipliner slightly darker than your lipstick. Then fill in the lipstick, especially those that transfer. Then blot your lipstick with a tissue. Add a light brushing of loose powder. This will create a colored based for your lipstick. Then fill in the lipstick again, if possible, with a brush. There.. no need to keep fishing out your lipstick every hour to refresh it... sip all the wine you want to.

 Lash it: Mascara is one problem product for many of us. Mascare tends to dry in the tube over a shorter period of time and especially waterproof mascara can dry up faster because of the formulation which is water proof. Adding water to the product can cause it to spoil.

Easy hack, if your mascara is too thick, simply add a few drops of any herbal eyedrops to thin it. This will also help you to keep your peepers feeling brighter. And no need to wipe excess mascara that cakes on your lovely lashes.

Make me blush: Avoid using cream blushes in summer and powder blushes in winter. In heat cream blushes tend to get runny, while in winter powder brushes can easily wear out since they won't blend in with your foundation. To make it last, choose a creamy formula for a cold day and a powder formula for a hot day. Simple !

Now once you know these make up hacks to make your make up last longer, you will no more need to carry your whole kit to your event and keep refreshing your make up for that perfect picture.

Try these hacks and you will see, they work !

Images: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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