Millennial Mangalsutras for the Millennial Indian Bride : 2019 Mangalsutra trends to watch for


Just how important the Mangal Sutra is to Indian married women, is evident from the dramatic exaggerations in Indian films and television soaps that show a married woman vanquish a sworn enemy or a grave distress, merely by the elaborate brandish of her sacred Mangalsutra, as though it were some magic wand imbued with the the divine feminine power of her marital dharma.

One cannot even begin to count the number of times the Mangal Sutra has come to save the day for a lazy script writer as an effective dramatic device to justify a flimsy plot along with its other oft exploited ritual companion, the ek chutki sindoor.

Back in real life, traditionally the Mangalsutra should be made of black beads with yellow, gold or red beads. However with time this unique Indian piece of jewelery embodying the sanctity of marital vows to Indian brides, has evolved into a sophisticated and stylish bridal essential.

It is worn by brides from nearly all Indian communities, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayali and even north Indians in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Rajasthan.

However with time this ethnic jewelry piece has adopted contemporary aesthetic and it now comes in a number of stylish variations allowing brides and married women to wear it with all their different styles of clothing both Indian Ethnic wear as well as western wear.

And thanks to these design evolutions the Mangalsutra has become even more popular than ever before. In fact with television soap costumes and Bollywood fashion trends serving as major style guides for Indian Ethnic Wear, even brides of communities that don't have a tradition of wearing Mangalsutras have been seen to succumb to the charm of this elegant Indian Wedding ornament.

What more needs to be said when you realize that the Mangalsutra has now become a red carpet staple for new celeb brides ? They are the jet setting trendsetters and when millennial brides have heartily embraced the Mangalsutra in its new avatars, how can we refuse to acknowledge ?

As loyal cinema-philes and fashion lovers, we do as the divas show, until of course we decide to outdo them by discovering our own inner fashionista post a good dose of Bollywood style inspiration.

So are you ready for a glance at the stylish 2019 Mangalsutra trends the Bollywood brides have flaunted off late ? Here is a look :


Simple is Stunning : Deepika Padukone aced all her wedding looks and we still cannot have enough of her. Especially a lot of soon-to-be Brides are crushing over her simple solitaire Mangalsutra which is a stunning piece. One look at how easily it blends in with her western style outfit and you don't even have to be married to lust after it.

Pretty Perfect : Priyanka Chopra is a firm believer in that anything worth doing is also worth overdoing. So is her love for flaunting diamonds. She has not one, not two, not three, but four diamonds arranged into a pendant for her Mangalsutra. Well, if you have got it, you must flaunt it, say we.


It is all in the stars : Ever the romantic Sonam Kapoor Ahuja desiigned this interesting and personalised piece herself. Featuring a solitaire in the center flanked by symbols of her husband's and her own zodiac symbol generously studded in diamonds, her Mangalsutra is truly dedicated to the sweet love between her and hubby Anand.

Hand in hand : Trust Shilpa Shetty to be ahead of the crowd. She came up with this bracelet mangalsutra almost a couple of years ago in it is still a rage among wedding jewelry shoppers.


No wonder then Sonam also emulated her with her own take on this lovely Indian Jewelry piece, only to be trolled and booed by twiterrati. Pity, we say because the idea was an excellent way to wear your Mangalsutra even if Indian Ethnic waer was not the dress code of the day.

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What's in a name ? : Another trend on the rise is to wear the initials of the husband on the Mangalsutra and it is such an ode to marital romance that we heartily recommend you to consider this style too.


So here was a quick glance at the trends you can use for your inspiration. Of course the choice is yours  and you can pick the style which best embody the essence of your relationship to your cherished spouse, your husband. With these styles to inspire, you can easily come up with variations to suit both your Indian and Western outfits, for sure.

Images courtesy: Pintrest , Pic3 - Viral Bhiyani

Article By : Bhavna R

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