Natural Beauty: Five tips to keep your make up look natural with Indian Wear


There is nothing like a touch of make up to add that special something to your Indian wear look when the festive season and celebration mood hits you at its fullest.

Be it a dab of jewel colored eye shadow, a generous dusting of gold tinted highlights on your cheek bones or even that bronzer across your well accentuated collar bones – the special season of festivities calls for a special look. It is truly the time to splurge and make merry, of course not without all one’s finery and pomp.

But how does one know when a look is too much or just right? How do you know if you have crossed the line from being well dressed and well presented, and entered the OTT territory?

After all, isn’t the Indian festive season the time to be the connoisseur of all eyes?

Well, there is a fine line between looking dressed up and made up. And it is not as hard as it may appear. All you need is to be careful about a few important aspects of applying your make up the right way to suit your Indian wear and let your natural beauty still shine through.

Foundation: Make sure you find a foundation that matches your skin most closely, and is not more than one or two shades lighter or darker. Opting for a much lighter foundation may be tempting to go with the lighter complexion preference in some parts of the world and some people may unknowingly be choosing overly darker shades too. However, both these mistakes will give you a cakey-ashy look so spend time and invest wisely in a good quality foundation that complements your skin tone.

Eyebrows: Don’t go over board with managing your eyebrows. Follow the natural shape and enhance the eyebrows with the correct shade of product. While brow pomade is ideal for people with light or scanty eyebrows to achieve a fuller look, those with bushy eyebrows can skip the pomade and use an eyebrows gel pencil to manage them and keep them in place. Never color them to clash your hair color or it can really look unnatural. Ask your beautician to help you select the right products.

Lipstick: A lot of Indian women with deeper skin tones, tend to have a darker mouth area. This is nothing to be ashamed off, it is natural and is a simply a hormonal symptom. However, it can look unpleasant when applying lipstick. Always correct the color of your mouth with a good color corrector or concealer and if you are opting for lighter shades of lip color, simply line your lips to prevent the lip shade from washing your face out.


Highlighter: This is one the trendiest make up products at present and it is especially all the rage during the festive season which really complements vibrant and rich Indian wear. Pick your highlighter wisely. If you are opting for a natural look first, pick a highlighter with no visible glitter particles. Next make sure you blend your highlighter well with the rest of your make up to achieve a soft, satiny shine along your cheek bones.

Mascara: Mascara is definitely a saviour on those dull tired days when you have been up preparing for the celebrations all night. To get the most out of your mascara make sure to curl your lashes. This opens up the eyes and makes you look bright and cheerful when you want to even if you have been tired for a while.

 Now these may sound like small details, but genius lies in the details, remember ? Try these tips and you will see a huge difference in your final look.

And why not share some of your own tips with us while you are at it.. we would love to hear your fabulous secrets to great make up too !!

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Article By : Bhavna R

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