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Neighbours envy - India's Bride - I : Latest Indian Ethnic wear trends for the Indian bride to be in 2019

Indian Brides 

For any Indian Bride-to-be the wedding preparation period is a time she looks forward to. It is the time when day by day, moment by moment, she begins to build up a dream of a lifetime with her soon-to-be husband. It is a time for creativity and hope to unfold in her life and naturally creating her wedding trousseau is just one part of getting ready to step into the next phase of her life ahead.

 It can also be a stressful time, if she does not have easy access to the things that go into making a trousseau, which for some is the investment of a lifetime.Most Indian weddings are elaborate events covering spanning several days, and to have an outfit for each ceremony can make your run from pillar to post to find suitable options.

And if she is an Indian bride residing outside India, things can be even harder. No wonder a lot of Indians living and marrying abroad would have to travel to India to get their money's worth in the past. The good news is that this has changed in the last few years as more Indian Ethnic Wear is readily source-able in America and Europe.

The growing popularity of Indian Ethnic Wear among Non-Indians has also spurred this change, but definitely it is a dream come true for an Indian American bride to be able to walk into an Indian Ethnic Wear store such as Pure Elegance fully stocked with both timeless traditional pieces, as well as the latest Indian Ethnic wear trends required for all regional wedding ceremonies observed by different Indian communities back home.

Imagine being an Indian American bride, nervously contemplating how to best build her wedding trousseau in a short span and realizing that she is spoilt for choice without having to pack bag and baggage and flying all the way home to the mother land.

What a relief !

And suddenly you realize that far from being in dire straits for want of enough options, you are actually finding it difficult to narrow down your options in the presence of a well stocked, reliable and exhaustive catalog of clothes and jewelry to pick for your special day.

Now that is easily solved. Once you have gone through some ideas to inspire the outfit for your wedding day and other ceremonies, you will have clear and precise ideas for your own trousseau to flatter you on the big day.

Here is a list of latest trends in Bridal wear including sarees and lehengas this season that would help inspire an Indian American bride to get the best look she could ask for:


Printed lehengas: For a day wedding you can opt for a lehenga printed with floral motifs. This is an ideal choice for an outdoor summer wedding to keep the look fresh and day appropriate. Get a printed lehenga to rock your summer wedding.


Metallic lehengas: Metallic lehengas have been quite the rage this season in shimmering sequins and luminous lace. If you are planning to keep the look minimal and high voltage with a heavy diamond jewelry set, this is the perfect look to go for.

Neon Lehengas: Neon is the go to palette this season with everything from gowns to jewelry proudly flaunting this trend. A neon lehenga is fun, edgy and hard to miss if you want to be the connoisseur of all eyes.

Banarasi sarees: Thanks to the leading ladies of Bollywood having sported this trend for most of last year in their real life weddings, the Banarasi saree is enjoying a revival and how. Get a fine Banarasi silk with rich zaree work to dress you nothing less than a royal on your wedding. Perfect for a late evening or night time wedding.

Sheer sarees: Tulle with sequins, lace and zaree are perfect for summer brides. They dress you up without giving you a heavy bridezilla look that a summer Kanjivaram drape can border on. Pair it with bold minimal kundan jewelry from tip to toe and be no less than an Indian princess ready to sweep her prince off his feet.

Two tone sarees: Two tone sarees are also a favorite this season as they add a little touch of drama to an otherwise routine saree look.You can pick contrasting tones or complimenting tones, depending on the level of drama you want to create with your look.

After all, every bride deserves her day in the limelight. With these latest trends, make sure you don't miss out on your 15 minutes of fame.


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Article By : Bhavna R

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