Passion for Fusion : Chic Indian accesories you can pair with Western outifits

Fashion is one of those aspects of our daily life today that we cannot do without. Whether it is going to work, dressing up for a party or getting ready for an important life event like one's wedding, we just cannot do without a generous dose of fashion and an eye on what makes out appearance smarter or more appealing and puts the spotlight on our best version of ourselves.
And the coolest thing about fashion is that just like us it is multicultural. It is a space which easily accommodates the different aspects of our lives and personality. In fact it goes beyond and extends into a personal imprint, an expression of our truest self as and when we desire.
This is most apt for all us global Indians, who are spread across the boundaries of India in far-away lands and have created truly multicultural identities that straddle the tradition and progressiveness of Indian culture with foreign customs and ethics with equal aplomb.
And speaking of fashion, Indian fashion has innumerable elements that are multifaceted and easily stride over the gap between western and Indian aesthetics. So here we go and bring you 5 amazing Indian accessories that you can easily pair with western outfits for a perfectly lovely Indo-Western look that expresses all that you are.
Statement Ethnic necklace with a Western gown: This is a lovely look on Malaika Arora and this chunky Indian statement necklace with Indian motifs is the perfect partner to her Western gown.
When pairing an Ethnic necklace, especially a large necklace with a western outfit, use it as a statement piece and skip all other accessories, except a matching watch.
Statement earrings with a collared dress: A set of simple oxidized statement earrings can enliven a simple western dress. Especially if you have a dress in your closet that you usually avoid because you find it too dull on its own, just add a pair of oxidised earrings and simple flats and you are good to go !
Paranda with denim outfit: Denim outfits are the most forgiving to all kinds of experiments and as pictures you could add a paranda to your plait with a denim dress or all denim skirt top combo to give it an interesting Indian twist. Choose from a variety of colors in parandas and add ethnic danglers or a nose ring to keep the paranda company.
Jutis with jeans or trousers and tee: Jutis come in a lot of colors and with various embellishments now and depending upon your mood you can pick a colorful one or a metallic or even a floral juti to complement a simple trousers and tee outfit - and see it look brighter immediately!
Anklets with jeans or skirts : Anklets put a pretty spin on any outfit. For a perfectly carefree, boho look don a pair that you like and skip away in happy feet. You can pick something minimal with a simple silver chain or a more elaborate pair with coin embellishments like the one pictured above.
Whichever of these trends you choose, you can rest assured that your Indian heritage would get a fitting tribute even while you flaunt your smart Western outfit.
Do you have some such ideas of your own...? We would love to hear your favorites too... !
Images courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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