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Refreshing Ruffles: How to flaunt ruffles on your Indian Ethnic wear outfit


Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's NOT what little girls are made of, but small or not, most girls do love  a generous dollop of feminine trimmings on their clothes, from embroidery to bows and the current trend - Ruffles.

Although it was quite rare for Indian Ethnic Wear to utilize this detail, it did enter our style books more prominently with the influence of the Victorian Era on Indian customs, when western style petticoats and blouses began to be used with sarees.

And now that ruffles are back in fashion with a bang, they have reappeared making an even stronger case for us to embrace them in our Indian Ethnic wear outfits.

Not to disappoint, here are 5 cool ways you can incorporate ruffles to Indian Ethnics whether you want to wear a saree, a blouse, a dress or a kurta.


Saree: Ruffled sarees have been gaining popularity steadily and this year more so. A ruffled saree in pastels like mauve, peach etc are both easy to carry and stunning as party wear. You can also go for a floral printed saree with ruffles. But if you are thinking you don't want large, neon wavy ruffles on yourself, then don't worry. Pick small demure ruffles in an earthy shade. Happy ?

Blouse: A ruffled blouse is a great way to dress up an otherwise simple saree. Ruffles on the sleeve are something of a throwback to the Victorian era and are great if you are opting for a vintage sophistication in your look. Want more ? Go all out with a ruffle neck blouse in brightly popping Fuchsia can never be boring.

Kurta: Kurtas with ruffle trims are the easy and practical while making sure you don't fall out with the fashion police. Ruffles on the sleeve or hems are a great way to balance comfort with style and even when you need to stay casual, a ruffled kurta helps you to keep your outfit trendy and fun. You can also pick a ruffled cape to your outfit instead of a scarf.


Dupatta: Ruffles are a versatile embellishment and if you are not sure how you can make the best of them, you can begin by picking a ruffled dupatta to get a feel.

Skirt: While skirts have always been the garments to easily accommodate ruffles and other frilly embellishments, they make for great Indian Ethnic or Indo western fusion options. If you are going for an ethnic look pair a ruffled skirt with a kurti or cropped choli. A classic plain collared shirt in pastels or solids is also most becoming when paired with a ruffled skirt.


Dress: If all else fails to trigger your imagination, just pick a fusion evening dress with ruffle details to stoke your creativity and build a look around this romantic number.


Ruffles add a lovely feminine flair to any outfit. They may be constructed in bold or fine detail, in diaphanous fabric or opaque silks, they may be added to a neckline or a pallu - and yet they never fail to attract the eye and make the wearer feel feminine, flamboyant and attractive.

So why wait, go ahead and indulge in some ruffled delight to pamper your inner miss.


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Article By : Bhavna R

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  • Henna Brahma

    Ruffle dresses are Trendy and it’s completely up the level which I love as new detailed outfits comes with jacket shrugs, blouse, sarees, Kurtis, dresses with amazing material.

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