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Saree soirees: 2019 contemporary sarees for the contemporary woman


It has been a few years already since the good old Indian saree has begun to appear in new avatars, in unprecedented glory. The versatility of its basic concept - a long luxurious, body hugging drape lends itself exceedingly well to various types of styling and improvisations without losing its grace.

No wonder then that apart from the usual collection of die-for Banarasi silks and oh-so-gorgeous-Kanjivarams a lot of women now consistently keep a collection of contemporary sarees as well.

At Pure Elegance we are always on top of the trends and the desires of fashionistas who lovingly embrace Indian wear in all its forms, so naturally we always have an eye on the best contemporary saree sightings too.

We bring you some of the coolest, most eye catching designs in contemporary sarees sighted so far this year, so you can lay your hands on your heart's desire and be the talk of the town too.


Metallic Mayhem: Metallic style ruled the ramp this year. The saree got more structure and more fluidity at the same time, resulting in this tantalizing silhouette, that lets women flaunt their hard earned hot bods as well as drape them in the graceful pleats of a typical saree.


Diaphanous dreams: Another theme that was noticed was more diaphanous sarees and Grecian drapes lending an air of antiquated oomph to the outfit. Just like this diaphanous saree in green lets all the right curve do the talking, you too can invest in a saree which enhances your oomph factor while going easy on the flaws.


Pastel poetry: This pastel saree with knife pleats was among one of the top looks thanks to its minimal appeal and modern yet conservative look. One of the few looks that could immediately be lapped up from runway without any modifications thanks to its style and of course the comfort. Alternatively you could pick this pastel ruffled saree to suit your pastel fancies.

Striped Serenity: Nothing lends an air of contemporary elegance to a saree like stripes. This bold monochromatic number was sure winner for its bold monochromatic stripes, the shirt collar style blouse and the softening effect of the ruffle along the borders of the saree. Minimal make up complimented the look. You can even choose a checkered saree to suit your modern mood.

Structured simplicity:  Structured sarees were also seen on the ramps with well defined proportions and clear silhouettes. Solid colors with splashes of hue like this one were a hit among the fashionistas.  The emphasis was on a modern flair with a touch of ethnic appeal and in that department there were no disappointments whatsoever. 

So which of these looks stole your imagination? We guess it is going to be a hard choice to make. No worries though because we will continue to bring you the biggest brightest trends in Indian Ethnic Wear right to the tips of your fingers, day after day.

Images: Instagram

Article By : Bhavna R

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