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How to wear your Saree like a Boss lady- Indian Ethnic Saree dressing hacks you must know in 2020


Nothing flatters a woman more than Indian Ethnic clothing. Indian Ethnic clothing not only flatters a woman's unique shape, it comes with so many options that no matter what your age or the occasion, you can pick from a range of styles such as Sarees, Shalwar Kameez, Anarkali, Shararas, Lehenga Cholis and well, the list is almost endless.

Naturally, whether the occasion demands for casual dressing or for festive wear, Indian Ethnic wear is a great choice to make. However, like any other style of dressing a Saree comes with its own set of requirements, now whether you are not familiar with Indian Ethnic sarees or use it sparingly or even have a wardrobe bursting with beautiful Indian Ethnic sarees, it is always helpful to know a few key Saree dressing hacks that come in handy in a sticky situation.

At Pure Elegance we are passionate about dressing you up in the most elegant and beautiful clothes that we can find and to make sure you look and feel your best, no matter what the occasion.

So we bring you some handy Indian Ethnic Saree dressing hacks that you must know in 2020 to make Indian Ethnic dressing more fun and less drama for you.

A stitch in time makes nine... they say... so let us go through the list of Indian Ethnic saree hacks that will save you time and a lot of hassle at right moments.

Keep basic and neutral colored blouses: Although matching and coordinated blouses are the best option, do keep one each of a black, white, beige, maroon and a gold or silver blouse in your collection. When you don't have the time or the option to get a blouse you can pair any one of these with a Saree, at short notice.

Bobby pin your petticoat: Petticoats can be a bit tricky to wear at times. If you tie it too tight it may become uncomfortable and if you tie it too loose it may not hold the saree properly. A quick hack to deal with this problem is to tie the petticoat's draw string only a little tighter than comfortable, then run a bobby pin through the knot so that it doesn't loosen any further.

Skip a few pleats: Skip a few pleats in your saree and fold the saree about half a metre inside where you start draping it. This will shorten the draped length of the saree and hence the number of pleats will be reduced. This will make sure that you do not appear bulked up in the front.

Iron pleats with a hair straightener: Some saree fabrics are softer and may even crumple easily. If you find that your saree pleats have crumpled while draping, simply use a hair straitening iron to iron the pleats without having to remove the drape all over again.

Change blouse length to look taller or shorter: You can change the length of your blouse to appear shorter or taller depending on your choice. A shorter blouse will display more length of your torso and a longer blouse will minimise the length hence giving the appearance of a shorter person.

So all set to wear your saree with confidence and ease? You can count on these hacks to never fail you when wearing a saree.

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Article By : Bhavna R

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