Stylish Blouse Back Designs Perfect for a Modern Bride

This wedding season, we’re crushing at celebrities adorning the oh so dazzling sheer and lace embodied blouses. Cascading drapes with designer blouses are a new trend to pull off effortlessly. With the gorgeous styles and contemporary cuts, the age-old traditional blouses have undergone an alluring makeover. It’s safe to say that a blouse can totally save your life from going to the humdrum, because you can pair it with an elaborately designed skirt or a pair of Indo-fusion palazzo pants. Revamping the old school conventional trend into bohemian and classy, your quintessential blouse will spin the way you look. Here are some of the ways in which you can updo your look:

Sheer Sophistication

Imagine you adorn a graceful sheer embossed fiery cut blouse for a gala soiree with your significant other, the coterie will be lit and of course the eyes befall upon the starry appearance none other than you. Such designer handcrafted luxury appeals to a greater modern age woman who love tailoring their couture in a bespoke fashion, we are in awe with such sheer details and the magic sprinkled over with stunning embroidery that it almost appears as if the skin of the wearer is inked with glittering accents.

Intricate Thread work

Weave a conversation-starter at your next wedding function to take those guests by surprise because we bet, this salmon pink intricately threaded and handcrafted blouse will steal the spotlight. Style this gorgeous piece with a stunning coordinated hue of white, lavender, black or pale blue sari to evoke the magical persona in you. Look enchanting in this graceful avatar and don’t forget to adorn the precious jewels to catch the fancy of your partner.

Floral Sequins

 While the world is gleaming in the glory of celebrities, Instagram is swooning over yet another drool-worthy trend of floral sequins that have made a comeback and how! We love how these pretty cutesy sequins light up a sheer blouse and the keyhole casts its magic to the wearer instantly. Drape a coordinated hued nine yards of wonder and impress your friends and family! A perfect retreat for gatherings, soirees and even festive parties, you’re sure not to miss this showstopper look.

Romance Tryst

Exotic flavour of sheer and lace goes hand in hand undoubtedly, however, our hearts are totally pouring for this delicately feminine trend ever since Sonam Kapoor showed up in a lacy white ethereal gown at an International event. This trend is no where to go, we promise, and the versatility of this blouse knows no bounds. Pair it with a flute skirt or sass up your regular maxi skirt and get ready to be your own quirky diva!

Dreamy Details

Look at this wonderful sheer blouse featuring gorgeous elaborate floral embroidery all over with a hint of 80’s tailored subtly over it. Delicate craftsmanship and attention to detail is what describes this stellar piece in the best way possible, you can totally amp up your plain plush lehenga with this ornamented blouse and sashay at the dreamy facades clutching a bottle of Moets to kickstart a party!

Applique Charm

So you thought bohemian is just floral, think again because designers just revamped the sheer blouses and poured some applique magic to it. What was once used as a patchwork detailing has now become the far-fetched trend of millennials to sport, this scintillating floral motif detailed blouse is oh so perfect for a dreamy setting, just swing it on an engagement or rock it on your D-Day, remember to act causally for it will invite you a lot of unsaid compliments.

Concept Blouse

While the brides are constantly experimenting and researching to make their D-Day even more special, here’s something that can add wow to your bridal look. Concept blouses with detailing that will put your heart on the sleeve and let you nestle in warmth of a cocoon, oh yes, no exaggeration, such fine tuned detailing featuring bridal entry or bride and bridegroom nuptials meticulously handwoven to serve you with something fresh and unique. Invest in such classic pieces that will totally become a gorgeous heirloom gifts for your daughters!

Button Me Back

If you are lost in the romantic setting with a handsome boy asking him for a favour to tie the buttons on a back, you’re a total movie buff and nothing wrong about it. In fact, this stupendous back blouse trend is quite a popular demand among women for it accentuates the cascading beauty of your flattering figure line and pops up the elegance effortlessly. You can wear this high utility blouse with a sari or palazzo pants or even a pretty twirl-worthy long skirt.

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Article By : Ambika Asthana

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