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A Bohemian Rhapsody : The new age avatar of an ancient Indian way of life

Once a way of life in the medieval North of India, the gypsy aesthetic and philosophy now famous as Bohemian chic is more than a way of dressing. It is a way of pushing the boundaries of our being in this world no matter where we may be. It is a means of being free of the norm of thirsting what we do not have and finding our own bliss in what we do possess, our creativity, compassion and chutzpah - Just the elements you need to create your own Boho avatar.

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Trend Alert: Pant Sets are the New Rage Catching our Fancy

Gone is the time when pants were solely meant for work affairs and restricted to the chauvinist gender of the society, however, with the unprecedented gender fluidity and widespread acceptance of pants as an occasion wear, the trend is GOLD this season. Read more to know how to style pant sets like our hot divas.

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How to Revamp your Traditional Indian Saree?

The authentic Indian art saree has undergone a tremendous change ever since its first appearance in the Bollywood cinema. Talking of Bollywood and the leading ladies who personified their elegance with different draping styles in the wonderful nine yards of drape. Check out the best styles of saree here.

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Style Edit: What to Wear to the Indian Summer Festival?

Every year, the coterie of happy and glee souls collect together at the Croyde beaches in Devon. The beach setting with a touch of bohemian ambience, Indian Summer Festival is the most dreamy escapades for the creative folks. Check out the bohemian Indian ethnic dresses for the festival. Read on to know what to wear.

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