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Spring in your step : Latest Indian Ethnic wear trends for Spring 2020

Come spring and all you want to do is to pack away the blues and step into the bright sunlight. Sure, winter has its charms - the holidays, the New Year celebrations and all those parties to dance the night away.Spring is however time for a fresh start; and definitely time for fresh additions to your wardrobe.

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Indian Ethnic with a twist – How to wear Indian Sarees to a cocktail party

It may be hard to master the Indian Ethnic look for a cocktail party, but with these tips you can rest assured never to go wrong. What is more that if you pick an outfit from our list then you are sure to stand out with your saree in a sea of evening dresses and gowns that the other fashionistas are likely to don.

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A Bohemian Rhapsody : The new age avatar of an ancient Indian way of life

Once a way of life in the medieval North of India, the gypsy aesthetic and philosophy now famous as Bohemian chic is more than a way of dressing. It is a way of pushing the boundaries of our being in this world no matter where we may be. It is a means of being free of the norm of thirsting what we do not have and finding our own bliss in what we do possess, our creativity, compassion and chutzpah - Just the elements you need to create your own Boho avatar.

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