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Style Edit: What to Wear to the Indian Summer Festival?

Every year, the coterie of happy and glee souls collect together at the Croyde beaches in Devon. The beach setting with a touch of bohemian ambience, Indian Summer Festival is the most dreamy escapades for the creative folks. Check out the bohemian Indian ethnic dresses for the festival. Read on to know what to wear.

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5 Ways to Drape a Saree at an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are vibrant, dynamic and often overwhelmingly dramatic productions much like Indian movies which are often a key influence in most aspects of Indian life. They are stunningly beautiful as evidenced by the gorgeous jewel-toned tapestries, reams and reams of  of glorious silks, gauzy chiffons and georgettes embellished with gold and silver zari, kundan and sequin-work; dazzling gold and diamond jewelry and vibrant cornucopias of garden blooms-  a dazzling melange of sights, sounds and flavors and huge gatherings of friends and family all united by love and a vibrant culture that is one of the oldest and most fascinating in the world! Indian weddings in the United States are a cultural-commingling that combines the finest elements of the colorful...

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