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Winning in White

Clean. Crisp. Classic. These are but a few traits associated with the color white. White has a purity, a free-flowing, almost ethereal quality that has ensured its permanent place in fashion and style sensibilities through various cultures throughout the ages. A lady in white is radiant, elegant and a vision of pure grace. Is it any wonder then that white is the color of choice for the Christian bride on the biggest day of her life? Or that in Bengal and Kerala, two states in India that are associated with ancient and vibrant cultures, women wear white on festival days and other auspicious occasions? If it is white with fiery red for the Bengalis, it is white with muted gold...

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When Bollywood Went Banarasi

When Rekha, as the doomed Umrao, with her luminous kohl-rimmed eyes danced her way into our hearts in a flash of red and gold brocade, it was a poignant moment of cinematic history we will never forget. When Aishwarya Rai blazed through the screen glowing infinitely brighter than the burning lamp ensconced in her delicate hands in Devdas, our hearts heaved a collective sigh.... When a radiant Vidya Balan, her face, fresh as the morning dew, stared impishly at a visibly smitten Saif in Parineeta, she took our breaths away just as she did his.... And then there was Priyanka Chopra as the regal Kashibai, the wife of the great Peshwa Bajirao, resplendent in her dazzling Paithani and nathni, the very epitome of...

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