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The Indian festive season with the two most popular festivals like Dusshehra and Dipawali is gradually inching closer and eagerly awaited by Indians not just in India but in every part of the world. After all, our festivals are what keep us connected to our vast and rich cultural heritage and help us remember our identity and to remain connected to our roots.

And a very integral part of these festivities is our traditional Ethnic Indian wear. Indian clothing is beautiful and comfortable but have you ever thought about how it is more than just clothing, especially in the context of our festivals and celebrations? It is an address for our values, an easy way to reconnect emotionally and even spiritually to our ancient past and its divine essence.

Think about it – when you see the images of the gods and goddesses, so fondly invoked and bedecked in beautiful jewellery, sarees and mundams, angvastrams - doesn’t it exude an aura of the unmitigated ancient Indian way of life, much of which has continued unchanged into the present times?

And so that is another reason why we so fondly and indulgently invest in beautifully made Indian garments and accessories- Indian Ethnic wear is not just a pretty fashion choice, it is a receptacle for the Indian psyche and the essence of our culture and value system, our rich ancient past and its many layers and nuances.

Naturally, any Indian festival is incomplete without a set of painstakingly put together set of Indian Ethnic wear for every member of the family. From the toddlers to the elder members, everyone turns out in their best Indian Ethic finery and the mood is replete with the significance of the festival for everyone on the day of celebration.

Indian festivals are quite unlike any other festivals in the world, for us they are not just an occasion to eat, drink and make merry. They are occasions for us to establish ourselves in our national and cultural identity, to revisit our past and to strengthen our roots no matter how far we may have travelled away from home to answer our quest. On these very occasions our much beloved Indian Ethnic Wear becomes our mantle and revives our Indian spirit no matter how far from home we may be.

But no one said your Indian Ethnic wear has to be styled in the same old way too. Just as the nature of our rich and all-encompassing culture is the way Indian Ethnic wear has always been easily accommodating to modern trends and styling.

What do the runways suggest this festive season about how to style your Indian Ethnic Wear in the trendiest way? Read on to find out more as the most recent and one of the biggest fashion events for Indian Ethnic Wear – the Lakme Fashion week has mesmerized us with the crème de la crème of Indian Ethnic fashion.


Cuts: One of the major trends in Indian Ethnic trends are bolder cut blouses. Off shoulder blouses, corsets, deeper necks and midriff baring designs ruled the red carpet whether it was saree blouses or lehenga blouses. Truly a nod to the modern idea of “ if you have got it, then you must flaunt it.”

Colors: Deep colors were in plenty and no one was complaining. Metallics also featured heavily and now the shimmery subdued gold and silver have been out done by blingy embellishments and bolder metallic details.

Silhouettes: The skirts were full and more voluminous and heavier than usual and the vast expanse of the garment was an ideal canvas for a profusion of embellishments like zaree work and gota patti. The fish tails and slim cut silhouettes were nowhere to be found.

Detailing: Bolder geometric designs and floral motifs were popular. The usual intricate Indian style motifs were not favored  as such keeping with the usual tradition.


Accessories: Chunky jewelry just got chunkier this season. So, it is time to bring out your heirloom pieces with uncut diamonds, emeralds rubies or sapphires. “The larger the better”, is the name of the game. Shoulder dusters are especially popular this season.

Clearly the shift is towards bolder and bigger, whether it is about colors, embellishments or jewellery, and why should it not be so? What can be bigger than a big fat Indian festival celebration? Then should not your outfits be so too?


Images : Pintrest, Pinkvilla.com

Article By : Bhavna R

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