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The Ultimate Style Guide For Women As Per Their Body Shape

Body positivity has been on rage for a long time. It is the message that all bodies are beautiful. Trying to fit into the media’s beauty standards is not something we should be doing. That is when embracing all body types became a thing. Also, all body types can look beautiful with the correct clothes. The correct clothes generally would be something that flatters your body shape instead of hiding it or hiding behind it. So, the first thing to do would be to recognize your body shape. Then, dress accordingly so as to bring out the real you elegantly.

The different body types and the dressing styles that suit them best are listed below to help you make the right choices next time you go shopping:

 A pear or triangle shaped body type

We obviously don’t want to compare our bodies with a fruit, but this is the best way to describe this body type. If you recognize your body as a shape that might resemble that of a pear, you’re in this category.

Confused? If your waist is wider than your bust or your hips are fuller and shoulders are narrow, then this is you.

The style mantra you need to remember is that any jeans will look great on you and that you can go crazy with your tops. Any tops that are bright and fuller or highlight your shoulders and bust are the ones for you! Bright patterns, grills, and laces will look great on the top. Tops with bell sleeves, scoop necks and plunging v-neckline are yours to play with. Your other significant advantage is that you can have any dress look wonderful on you! Elongate your legs and make your thighs look skinny by opting for skirts that hit just above the knees. When it comes to layers, it's best if you choose cropped jackets for showing off your slender waistline. Boxy layers or the ones that hit mid-thigh will work great for you too.

The hourglass shapes body (curves)

Again, we’re sure being described as an inanimate object is no fun. But if you think that your body is curvy and you have a well-defined waist, then this is your section. If your shoulders and hips feel even in width and if you'd consider that you have fuller hips and bust, then you have the beautiful hourglass type body. Ever since the dawn of the Kardashians, this type of a body is lucky enough to be seriously in demand right now.

Girls work out to achieve this kind of a body type. So, consider yourself extremely lucky. The best way to dress? Wear clothes that draw attention to your waist. Always. Bomber jackets, high waist jeans, ribbed crop tops are your best friends forever. The key here is emphasizing your waist. This is easily achievable through some smart dressing. Wrap tops, jersey knit tops or any form-fitting blouses would look great on your hourglass figure. They'd prettily bring attention to your slender waist making sure your curves do you justice. High waisted skin-fit bottoms and skirts will look crazy good on you too. Embrace the Kardashian style of clothing. It's a reason you mostly see them in those. They just look absolutely good!

The straight or Athletic body shape

These body shapes are easily described as the ones with not a lot of curves. If you can say this about your body, then this is you. Your shoulders and hips are at the same width without being too curvy, and your waist isn't small nor very defined. Your weight is properly and evenly distributed through your body. If you're recognizing these descriptions on yourself, then this is your section.


So, how do you play up your style? The key to mastering your best style is a balance. What you have to do is keep in mind that a chunky top or sweater will look great paired with skinny jeans and a flared bottom would match with a simple form-fitting top. So basically, your thumb rule is making one part (top or bottom) bigger than the other to insinuate more curves.

Tips that you should be looking into are strapless pieces, racer-backs, scoop, and round necklines. The fun thing about being this type is that you can play up whatever you want. Your shoulders, your bust or even your neck. If you're choosing to cover up your arms, go right ahead with a quarter or full sleeve in dark shades. Belted tops or short blouses can create an emphasized waistline too. For outerwear, ethnic jackets, pea coat style, or any flowy jackets will look great on your slender figure. Most styles of dresses will work on you. So, don’t worry and play around with whatever you like. You can play up your legs with shorter skirts and heels. For bottoms, skinny bottoms, as well as chunky bottoms like cargo pants, would look great on you. 

The apple shaped body

If you think you don't have a well definite waistline and a generally well-proportioned body throughout, then the apple shaped body type is yours. Your shoulders may be slightly broader than your hips, and you’re not very curvy. This body shape will need a style that emphasizes on the arms, legs or the bust for a beautiful outcome.

Firstly, v-necks will do your blouses the most justice. Breezy tops and A-line simple silhouettes or many tunic tops are definitely something you should work every day. If you're looking to add some structure, any style that tightens under the bust and is flowy downwards will work for you. For you, the jackets that hit your upper thigh or hips work best. Knee-length coats and trench coats can jazz your outfit up pretty well too. When it comes to pants, leggings and skinny jeans look amazing on your legs if paired with a breezy tunic and flowy tops. Wear oversized sweaters or a button-down with leggings for a cute and casual look.

The one thing to keep about body shapes in mind is that every women and girl has a different body shape. Dressing up accordingly will change your entire outlook. Sometimes all it takes is simply tucking in a shirt. But what we’re trying to say is that, know yourself and learn what looks best on you.

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