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The wearer knows where the shoe bites: How to wear heels with minimum discomfort.

Clothes maketh a man, it is said. And what makes a woman? A great pair of heels. There is no doubt about this. No matter what age you are and what kind of an outfit you may have chosen, it is never quite complete without the right pair of heels.

A well-matched pair of heels can really take an outfit up a few notches. However, just the look and style of your heels is not enough. If you do choose to don a pair of heels with your outfit, and especially so with Indian Ethnic wear, then you must make sure to have a pair of heels that not only complements the look you have chosen for yourself but should also be comfortable to wear.

After all, most Indian festivities and events are replete with a number of rituals and definitely a round of dancing for the guests and the family alike. So, to make the best of your time at an Indian festive occasion you must have a pair of heels that not only compliments your outfit but also remains comfortable and sturdy throughout the wear.

How to do this? Let Pure Elegance tell you how -

  • Right size: Make sure you pick the right sized shoes. If you pick a size which is small your feet will begin to ache and hurt very quick. On the other hand, if the size is a tad larger than your actual size, you run the risk of slipping out of the shoe when it comes loose or twisting your ankle because of a poor grip.


-always go for the right size.

-Find out your size by measuring your foot on a piece of paper.

-Remember different brands and brands from different markets can sometimes vary in their standard sizing, therefore keeping a mental note of your foot length in centimetres is very handy because then you can easily pick the right size no matter how much of a variation there may be between brands.


  • Mid heels: In case you have a long day or a long night of festivities ahead of you then try to avoid wearing sky high heels. Pick mid heels ranging from 1 inch to 2 -2.5 inches. The lower heel height will put lower stress on your feet and legs and you will last longer in your heels all day, without any serious discomfort.
  • Block heels and platforms: Another way to make sure that your heels cause you the least amount of discomfort is that you could wear block heels which put less pressure on the heel of the foot. To ease the chance of getting a shoe bite you can go for peep toes which have an open toe that lets the feet breather and also reduces the bite of the shoe on the wearer’s heel. Wedge heels are also very helpful in reducing the stress on the feet.

  • Talc: If your shoe is giving you a shoe-bite, a great way to avoid this is by rubbing a little talcum powder on the affected area. The soft talk particles of the talc absorb the excess moisture in the feet and will minimize the friction between your foot and the inside of the shoes.

  • Bigger shoes with strap or tape: In rare cases where you are either unable to find the right sized shoe of the standard sizing matching your own foot size is uncomfortable, you can go for a size bigger than your own. This will give room for your feet to settle into the heel. To make sure that the bigger shoes don’t slip off your foot, simply pick shoes with an ankle strap or use some double-sided tape and wear it on the sole of your feet. This will keep the shoe in the right place and make sure your shoes stay comfy and well-fitting no matter what.

So, try these simple tips to make your shoes more comfortable for you and let us know your own shoe hacks too!


 Images courtesy: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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