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More is more : Opulent Indian bridal jewelry trend dominates the 2019 Vogue Wedding show

The Vogue Wedding show concluded recently is one of the leading platforms in Indian Wedding Fashion.

It is an annual rendezvous for brides to be and their families with the best fashion designers, jewelers and the crème de la crème of the fashion world as they converge for this three day annual affair to up the ante of the upcoming wedding season. The country's who's who come looking to accumulate the things that would make up their dream weddings, whose memories might last more than just their generation.

And one of the most important aspects of this event are the Indian Bridal jewelry trends. When you consider that the one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding is the bridal jewelry you know why everyone makes a beeline to the Vogue Wedding Show to make sure they not only have the best styles to complement them on the special day but that they also get the best value for their money.

Beautiful bridal jewelry is more than just an investment. It is the glory of an Indian bride on her wedding day. It is the part of her trousseau that bedecks her in the valuables that she deserves, ready as a princess to embark on the adventures of a lifetime.

Some of the biggest jewelry trends this year were there for all to see at the Vogue Wedding show:

Bold chunky pieces: The bold chunky pieces have got even bolder. This year the show featured  chunky necklaces, chunky bold earrings details be it stones or metal. Not only were the pieces bigger and larger, the individual parts of the jewelry were also bigger, bolder and more opulent. Decadence was a common theme.

Diamonds and emeralds: Diamonds and emeralds continued to be a favourite with the jewelry designers who added to the opulence of their pieces by incorporating bigger and bolder details in their designs to showcase the natural beauty of the gems.Both these gems spell opulence and luxury and the designers spared no efforts to make sure that these were crafted to perfection for that lavish lux feel.

Western designs: Apart from traditional Indian pieces, western style jewelry was also a major trend for Indian brides presented at the Vogue Wedding Show 2019.  A lot of Indian brides now balance their trousseau with both Indian as well as western sensibilities to make the best use of it over the years. Naturally this has increased the desire for more western styled pieces as an integral part of the Indian brides' jewelry collection too.

Minimal appeal: Even when the designs were chunky and bold the minimal approach seemed ubiquitous as the perfect way to ensure both the versatility as well as the timeless appeal of these beauties. Off late the trend has been to allow the natural excellence of the gems to shine through unmitigated by design and this was a continuing aesthetic this year as well.

Statement pieces: Statement pieces such as over the top shoulder dusters like chandelier earrings or big bold necklaces were also seen as a trend forecast reflecting the "More is more" aesthetic philosophy. Be it earrings, rings, necklaces, cuffs or chokers, no hold barred designs made sure that Indian Brides had plenty of options from stand alone pieces that would catch the eye on their own.

These bold lavish Indian Bridal jewelry trends ensured that the brides to be went home laden in nothing but the finest jewels that money can buy to make them sizzle and glitter with timeless jewels on their wedding day.

You can go for these upcoming trends in jewelry to compliment your ethnic Indian wear without any doubt and be the connoisseur of all eyes at your festivities and celebrations.

You deserve it !


 Images: Vogue India

Article By : Bhavna R

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