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What are you wearing on your momentous pre-wedding shoot?



Have you decided on the outfits for your pre-wedding shoot? Pre-wedding shoot allows you and your partner to feel that bond of togetherness and joy. They are the memories that will stay with you forever, and when you get stuck with usual husband-wife arguments, you can always go back and look that those moments to refresh your relationship.


Factors to be considered for your pre-wedding 


Do You know, Indian ethnic wear has the most distinct and varied styles of dressing up for the pre-wedding shoot? Even though there are various factors to be considered while planning for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The dresses need to be designed based on the location of the shoot, the angle such as hover above, and so on. We know your photographers have already planned it for you, but we have made some efforts to make it more classy, memorable, and trendy.

Believe it or not, if it’s 40% of the camera angle is set and location, it’s 60% what you wear because what matters is the couple in that frame. Depending on these factors, we have polished a few tips and shared here in this article:


The classic traditional evening gown:


Needless to say, evening gowns are the best options for the proposal style photography and imagination of how you would look together after the wedding. An A-line gown with the embroidered edges exhibits the fresh culled looks that will make you look slimmer and in shape. Leaning on the wall and passing the flying kiss to your beloved or holding flowers while the groom on his knees proposing are the poses you can try for pre-wedding shoot




Patiala salwar kameez:


If you are planning your pre-wedding in Indian ethnic wear, then, your pre-wedding shoot would be incomplete without embracing the Patiala style salwar kameez, which is the essence of Punjabi weddings. The couple strikes an attitude to show the divine connection with the partner and the love they share. The ultimate approach would be when you partake some props that are an everyday part of a typical family from Punjab. Things like a three-storied steel lunch box or the bride and the groom sharing food in one plate, the traditional silver glasses, and a rope is woven bed. The colorful plain white or yellow Kurti with the latest style phulkari dupatta coupled with Punjabi jutti would be an outlandish mix.


The classic denim look: 


Nowadays, indo-western is in so try a pair of denim jeans or shorts with a traditional choli or blouse with some heavy work. You can include two types of blouses, one in pastels and another a shiny glossy shirt with the colorful thread work. The locations such as a bridge or standing at the top of the high rise building with the camera hover over would be the superlative style of shooting.


Two in one: Create a story


Night photography is the best way of showing off the creativity. You can shoot a story and the scene of the proposal on the beachside. Imagine yourself dressed up in a saree beautifully aligned with the pair of heels. This setup would be like a dream come true. Here you can flaunt, with your alluring red saree with the end length of saree set free in the air to create a magnificent moment.   

Here is a storyline:

Create a video shoot where initially, the boy surprises the girl where she comes in her usual A-line gown or a suit. The boy proposes and surprises his love present. Catch the moment of surprise and a kiss on the forehead. Then the bride girl dresses up in saree. Finally, both can now be captured while having dinner. An elegant saree is something you cannot miss as it’s your pre-wedding shoot. A chiffon saree is the best option, avoid heavy sarees as we recommend to keep it as light as possible. Make some poses of having dinner together and then spending some quiet moments around the beach.  


The concept of a pre-wedding shoot is not only to create beautiful memories but also enjoy the courtship period. You can create the storyline based on how you met, your dates, and what all you feel about each other. Make your wedding affair stronger while acquainting this tranquil pre-wedding shoot. You can experiment with some looks in advance of your pre-wedding shoot to have unrivaled shots on the glorious day of a pre-wedding shoot.



Article By : Sangy K

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