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What Should you Wear as per your Zodiac Sign?

What’s your Zodiac sign? Are you going out on a date or for an interview or just hanging out with your friends? Here is what you should know in terms of colors and outfit styles that will best suit your zodiac sign. So, rush and read this to strike that perfect first impression or flatter with a revised fashion sense.


The ultimate comfort and cozy cocoon lovers, Capricorns are certainly the most minimalistic breed of all the zodiacs. They have a knack of evolving their style and keeping themselves abreast of the latest trends and styles in the fashion market. The raging Capricorns stock simple and sophisticated basics while always upping their style quotient minimally. Steer clear from the bright and especially yellow, embrace the earthy shades of black, grey, white, khaki and navy blue.



The never-too-shy folks who love to stay in the limelight and try latest fashion trends are indeed the airy dreamers. Connoisseurs and lovers of all things modern, sleek, and upward forward, Aquarians are blessed with airy colors. So, go ahead and try electric colors like yellow, silver lining, electric blues, white, lilac and bring in those positive vibes.  



These highly creative and artistic water babies are one of the most delicate signs. Nudged by an emotional bug, Pisceans are usually found drowned in their gloomy valleys. Their style in always on-point in comfortable and flattering silhouettes, they go effortlessly in comfortable faves and don’t mind digging deep into the closet for their hidden gems. Therefore, yellow is the cheer catalysts for them and so are the pastel light colors like lavender, cotton candy, peach, blue, white etc.



You know your move and your next cocktail too. The smarty pants always on-the-go and effortless charmers who know the trick on how to slay in athleisure seamlessly, Aries are the perfect blend of corporate cults and gym rants. You’re the chameleon of glamour world, focus on your basics and bring them with a bang to your wardrobe. Stay closer to classics and embrace the likes including rust, camel, mustard, eggplant and red.



The fashion-forward and aficionados of the glamour space, Taureans are the most influencing bloggers who have a knack of the latest trends and styles while experimenting across the different verticals. They are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and are complete show stealers. Give them a few wow pieces, and they will show you the magic. Best suited colors for you are beige, black, green, soft pink.



The hot avant-garde fashionistas who love to carve their niche in the fashion world by reaping rewards of their sartorial style game. They take pleasure in wearing unconventional and streamlines staples that garner the fancy of the coterie. Plush and sophisticated with a dash of high sass, Geminis are full of wit, humor, and affection. Always high on trend meter, give them a streamlined staple and chances are that they will come back to you with a huge smile. Best colors to pick fresh this season: light green, white and rose.



Known for the suave, polished and sophisticated fashion sense, Cancerians are the flamboyant classic belles. Always resolved to their basic minimalistic silhouettes. However, instead of going OTT, this season, keep it simple by borrowing some button down from your brother or boyfriend and team it up with a denim skirt with sharp accessories. You can opt for colros like sage green, mustard, and blue.



Daring, bold and humorous, these people-people Leo’s take 100% in charge of their duties and roles. Whether it be selecting their clothes or choosing their career, their sole decision plays the discretion against anyone. The strong-headed diplomats and highly influential leaders are often seen wearing the basic staples with the fancy of eye-catching pieces. Colors like pale pink, cornflower blue and white are found to be the most likable assets.



The one-of-kind ladylike feminine woman is the one who rests her eyes on all things classic. Her undying and incessant love for tailored silhouettes and polished grown-up style is what gravitates us towards her. Her subtle and supple style restraint often lets the spotlight to fall on her. However, it’s time to switch away from the signature red and ivory instead invest in black, grey, peach and light blue.



The ultimate social animals who love to unearth the dark side of their closet and indulge in bold accents like metallic spikes, leather and studs are often the most reliable ones when it comes to clothing advise. Librans on the other side unleashes their delicate side by embracing accents like velvets and laces to give a soft makeover. Pastel pinks, cream and black are the sought-after colors.



The uber-feminine with a penchant for dressing up girly with a hint of tailored silhouettes, she’s a polished lady with a light sense of humor. Her ecstatic personality weaves a spell as she drapes bold colors and carries them off quite well too. The go-to colors for Saggis are saffron, cornflower blue and sienna.



True fashionistas and flag-bearers of glamour in truest sense, Scorpions are known for their remarkable sartorial sense of fashion. They love to stay put together 24/7 and aren’t ashamed of buying everything in one color. Their statement Bollywood-inspired fashion hacks and mysterious persona adds a splash of curiosity to their uber-cool personality. Go-to colors for scorpions are violet, burnt orange and pomegranate and black.


Article By : Ambika Asthana

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