Winning in White

Pure Elegance White Saree

Clean. Crisp. Classic.

These are but a few traits associated with the color white. White has a purity, a free-flowing, almost ethereal quality that has ensured its permanent place in fashion and style sensibilities through various cultures throughout the ages. A lady in white is radiant, elegant and a vision of pure grace. Is it any wonder then that white is the color of choice for the Christian bride on the biggest day of her life? Or that in Bengal and Kerala, two states in India that are associated with ancient and vibrant cultures, women wear white on festival days and other auspicious occasions? If it is white with fiery red for the Bengalis, it is white with muted gold for the ladies of the Malabar coast. White embodies purity, femininity and tradition in these cultures. But white can also be a bold and breathtaking fashion statement, depending on the wearer and how she chooses to showcase it. 

Pure Elegance White Saree

It is breezy, whimsical and the perfect color choice for daytime wear. Think crisp white cotton kurtis paired with palazzo/harem pants or delicately embroidered Lucknowi chikan suits or even a white sari paired with a perfectly tailored contrasting blouse! White is just as stunning a color for parties and eveningwear because it is incredibly versatile and is a great blank canvas for striking color contrasts by way of bold borders or patterns, blouses and statement jewelry. White can pass off for vintage or modern, traditional or contemporary; it can be dressed up or down, and yet, it always stands out for its pure class. It can be sweetly feminine and ooze serious oomph all at once!

Check out these signature Pure Elegance white looks!

Off White & Black Benarasi Sari With Dashes Of Dull Gold

Stunning Benarasi sari that beautifully fuses traditional and contemporary design sensibilities. The subtle off-white is complimented with a bold and black and dull golden chevron border. Paired with an elegant black blouse with gold motifs and playful tassels on the pallu, this one's a touch a pure class.

Pure Elegance white saree

White & Pink Tissue Linen Benarasi Sari

This white Benarasi sari with its hot pink border and gold details is an absolute show-stopper! Striking, glamorous and utterly enchanting, this one is guaranteed to grab attention.

Pure Elegance White and Pink Tissue Linen Banarasi Saree

White and Gold Tissue Jute Sari

This elegant white and gold tissue jute sari embodies the words Understated Elegance and leaves a lasting impression of unmatched grace. 

Pure Elegance White and Gold Tissue Jute Saree

Off White Silk Applique Sari With Red Blouse

Chic crisp white saree that may look treacherously simple but is exquisitely attractive. The red blouse adds a touch of boldness while the black and red border bring a sense of modern classic to this silk applique saree. 

Pure Elegance Off White Silk Applique Sari With Red Blouse

White Muga Benarasi Silk Sari

This simple stunner gives 'chic' whole new meaning. This gorgeous white Muga silk sari with its elegant embroidered motifs is an absolute showstopper despite its beguiling simplicity. It can be as dramatic or as understated as you want it to be. Pair it with a full sleeved black blouse and chunky jewelry to up the oomph factor a few notches or go with an elegant sleeveless blouse to keep it delicate yet supremely elegant!

Pure Elegance White Muga Benarasi Silk Sari

When in doubt, wear white. Pair it with a traditional blouse or give it a fun, contemporary spin with a halter neck/tube/sheath blouse. Jazz it up with jewelry or keep it simple and low-key. No matter how you choose to wear it, own your look and bask in all the admiration that is sure to follow!

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