Woman on Top : How to pair a Solid colored Indian saree with the right Blouse

Indian sarees come in breathtaking varieties. From the traditional Kanjivarams and banarasis to the modern frilled chiffons and sequin and lace numbers, there is a saree to suit every occasion and every mood. However, nothing beats the elegance and sophistication of a solid saree with little or no embellishments. Sometimes one just wants to enjoy the simple beauty of a single color and to appreciate simple fine fabric unmitigated by any extra trimmings or flourishes be they appliqué, prints, embroidery or zaree.

However styling a solid colored saree can sometimes be a challenge. It can be hard to pick the right styling or the most flattering blouse for a solid saree, simply because too much choice can sometimes be confusing.  Or you may end up choosing the same old look that you have worn over and over again and the whole point of picking a solid saree for a particular occasion can be defeated.

So what can you do ? Well, we say, you must read through some of the cool ways solid sarees being paired with differently styled blouses to keep the look fresh and interesting.



Monotone Madame: Monotones are all the rage these days. Pair your solid saree with a matching blouson style blouse to keep the look classic and stunning like Samantha's yellow saree with minimal emboridery


Contrast Quotient:  You can also wear a contrasting blouse and to keep it interesting, instead of going for a regular cut, opt for a cold shouldered or halter cut blouse.

Neutral Nuance: Black, white, brown or nude are colors you cannot go wrong with when picking a blouse to go with any saree no matter what fabric or color it may be.

Metallic Mayhem: Metallic blouses in gold , silver, bronze or ones with an all over sequin finish are great to dress up a solid saree for an evening event like an Indian wedding or festive occasion.

Sheer Simplicity: Sheer blouses with embroidery or embellishments are great for raising the style quotient of a solid saree for a day look. Easy and cool looking, these blouses can also be great for summer wear or a cocktail party, or even for a black tie event.  A lace blouse is perfect for evening looks too.

Brocade Beauty: Another great choice if you are looking to play up your saree for a festive occasion or a  low key traditional event like a puja or get together at home, a brocade blouse will keep your look dressy enough but not over the top.

Bold Bustier: This one is for days when you want to don the femme fatal persona. A brightly colored corset or bustier top will not only add a western touch to your outfit, it will make sure all eyes are on you.

Quirk Queen : If you truly want to outdo every other fashionista, but the occasion doesn't call for a risqué look, then go for something quirky instead. Pick an unusual weave, cut or embellishment on your blouse and you will still turn eyes without being guilty of trying too hard.

Demure Damsel: A solid saree with long sleeves and a demure cut blouse can never fail to make you stand out in a profusion of veritable colors and cuts. Sometimes extra  ordinary is extraordinary.

Printed Pretty: Pick pretty or quirky prints to rock your solid saree. You can even pick a clashing print blouse to make a visually arresting Indian ethnic wear look for yourself.

Whichever style you may want to pick, a blouse is an inseparable accompaniment to your saree, and the easiest and most fun way to modify the look of any saree you may choose.

Play with these options in blouses to bring out your own take on your favorite Indian saree.

Images courtesy: Pintrest Image 3 - pure-elegance.com

Article By : Bhavna R

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