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You've got the look: What to do when you need that perfect bag for your Indian outfit.


So you have that Indian outfit perfectly ready for your outing, all set to dazzle the world. It is the perfect saree for that long awaited family reunion and all eyes are going to be on you.

Or it is that breezy salwar kameez you have picked for that special lunch date with your best friend.

Or perhaps, you are meeting your fiancé's  family for a dinner date and it really counts that you should be impeccably dressed.

Everything is on point.

That is everything except a bag. Oh ! how can an outfit be complete without a bag that complements it ?

Yes, it can be a little hard to find a flattering bag that goes with Indian ethnic wear. You don't want to carry your usual practical office bag, or the convenient leather cross body you use for shopping trips. And the back pack is nothing but pure styling sacrilege.

Does that sound like you ? Rummaging through the closet, pulling out all your new and old bags to see if one, just one bag, will do justice to your carefully selected Indian ethnic outfit ?

Yes ?

And now you realize that while you have tonnes of bags to take to work, to carry with jeans, even to sashay into a formal dinner you have just not invested in the right bag to take you through any occasion where Indian ethnic wear is your ensemble of choice.

Well, you don't have to look for answers. Here are 5 must have bags which can transform any Indian ethnic outfit to a classic, elegant ensemble. Not only will these bags take your outfit to the next level, but thanks to the natural materials used they will make you look and feel cool through the summer scorch:




The Tan Leather Bag: A tan leather bag will go with any Indian outfit, even a saree in any color with its earthy tone. It is ideal for your summer staples in jewel colors including office wear and day wear. Another advantage is that you can choose from a variety of styles including shopper bags, totes, satchels or even a tan sling, depending on your need and it would still complement your Indian ethnic outfit.

Style tip: Pair your tan leather bag with jutis or kolhapuris to get that perfectly turned out look.



The Wicker bag: The wicker bag is all the rage and if you thought it was only meant for bohemian lasses on  breezy beach days you need to think again. The wicker, raffia, or woven jute bag as it is known by many names depending on the material used, is an ideal bag to carry with breezy pastel outfits and floral prints.

Style tip: Pair your wicker bag with an all white salwar kameez for that effortless summer cool vibe.



The Fabric Jhola: The embroidered jhola or cloth bag is ideal if you want colorful options to match or contrast your outfit. You can choose from a range of jholas with embroidery beads, prints or even appliqué. These are usually also spacious and easy to carry because of the long shoulder strap.

Style Tip: Pair your jhola with a flats and a cotton saree for that effortless minimal vibe.




The Potli: The potli is ideal for more dressy evening ensembles including festive sarees or lehengas and gives your outfit the perfect ethnic touch. You can pick potlis in any fabric or color. You can match the color to your lehenga or pick a contrasting color to make it pop.

Style tip: Match the workmanship on the potli to your outfit for a coordinated look. Pick embroidered, zari, gota and even beaded potlis to go with the outfit.



The wooden clutch: The wooden clutch or miniaudiere comes in many sizes and shades. Its earthy tone and natural material makes it perfect to carry with sarees in natural textiles and lehengas or saree gowns with earthy tones.

Style tip: Pair your wooden miniaudiere with wooden earrings, or bangles to make the natural textures pop.


These selections work well with Indian ethnic outfits with their natural materials and a range of colors and tones.

Ditch the practical office bag when you opt for Indian ethnic wear. With these 5 beautiful bags you can rest assured you are all set for any kind of Indian ethnic outfit.

So the next time you  sashay into the room wearing your elegant Indian outfit the only thing you have to watch out for is people whispering …

... "She's got the look !!"

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Article By : Bhavna R

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