Let's Get Ready for an Indian American Valentine's day!

The month of February is near, and we all know what that means: Valentine's Day! As usual most people have already started planning on the perfect gifts and outfits for this special day to impress their loved ones;
Some of you are even diligent enough to plan some thing special for all the days in the Valentine's week!

However, for those of you who have not picked an outfit yet or are unsure about how to style or accessorize it, the Pure Elegance Team is here to help you with tips and ideas to excite your partner.

Needless to say, Most of us Indian Americans love to add a little bit of Indian ethnicity, any chance we get, and the easiest way to do that is with our outfits and style. 

Whether you have planned a sophisticated dinner date, a romantic outdoorsy date, a coffee date or even a stay at home date, it is important to look your best to make your partner fall in love with you just a bit more.
Red is the most common color worn on this day as most valentine's dates are during the evening or night time and red is a typical attention-grabber.

Let's have a look at some of the dashing V-day Indian Traditional looks.



 Some of you must be wondering, "Lehenga? for a date?? Is it too flashy?". Well absolutely not! 

Most Indians like to see their girls in traditional outfits more than western ones solely because ethnic clothes enhances the beauty of the person wearing. Just the outfit is enough to get your partner's heart racing! :P

You can wear a simplistic lightweight lehengas with minimal work or opt for contemporary styles to make it Indo-western.

This outfit is apt for a formal V-day party or a date at a high-end restaurant, to spend an extravagant evening with your loved one


Similar to the Indian Lehenga, lightweight sarees are also an awesome way to move your partner's heart and enhance your feminine side.
Simple Net Sarees, or even fusion sarees would go perfect with your extravagant date.
You can skip accessorizing as the outfit in itself completes the look, but if needed, you can pair your sarees with light jewelry.


Gowns are always a great option for a romantic date, be it red or else. They can be worn if your date is set at a formal wear restaurant.

If the date is set in an informal scenario, a full length dress would be a great outfit choice to look red hot for your partner.


You can pair your outfit with embroidered jutti or sandals, and accessorize with light Indian jhumka earrings and a thin necklace.


Light embroidered salwar suits, a contrast dupatta or strappy designer suits with a fiery shade of red are another amazing option for ladies to gain our partner's attention.

You can pair your suit with a matching or contrast dupatta, or a jacket or shrug to get the Indo-western look you are going for.



Many Indian Americans love to fuse Indian styles to their existing western outfits and fusion outfits are an excellent choice for them. You can either buy Indo-western fusion clothes or pair your western clothes with Indian ones!


Typical examples of fusion outfits are embroidered jumpsuits, long skirt sets, ruffle sarees, pant sarees, and more.



Till now we have been talking about outfit ideas for after dark dates, but what if your date is planned during the afternoon? You can still go for red traditional outfits but during the day time most of us prefer wearing light mellow colors and pastels.

If you are planning on a casual date with your partner you can wear a lightweight and comfortable long skirt sets,  salwar suits, Indo-western jumpsuits, and Indo-western dresses.


For dates in a sophisticated scenario at a high- end restaurant or a valentines day party, Indian dresses are the best way to go. You can pair them with Jhumka earrings and classy heels or sandals.



Article By : Alokebarna Das