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Henna tips for Indian Brides : How to make your Henna darker in 2020


Whenever a young bride to be plans her wedding, she plans her trousseau and her make up with great fervor. She wants to make sure to pick the most trending embellishments for the bridal trousseau and naturally for her make up to really last long.

One more detail she really wants to be well taken care of is her mehendi ceremony. Be it the Henna artist, the bridal henna design that the bride wants to sport, or the clothes and jewellery that she wants to wear on the occasion, the Mehendi ceremony is really important to her. It is an essential step in the grooming and preparation of the bride for the momentous wedding day.

And there is no doubt why it is so important to her. The painstakingly etched intricate henna with traditional Indian motifs as well as flora and fauna designs on the hands and feet of a bride is one of the special adornments for the bride and considered very auspicious for her future wedded bliss. It is a moment of pride for her to get her hands and feet adorned with Henna and she waits for the moment when her groom's heart skips a beat at the beauty of her magnificently decorated henna.

In fact there is even an old wives tale according to which the darker the henna sets on the brides hands, the more the love and affection she is likely to enjoy in her marital home.

So is it any wonder then, that all Indian brides want to have a beautiful, unique henna designs on their hands in preparation for their wedding and are particularly concerned with making sure it sets in deep and dark?

 We at Pure Elegance understand and care about all your concerns and therefore we bring you the best tried and tested tips for making sure your henna sets in beautifully deep and dark. Let us begin !

A clean canvas: Any sort of color is most likely to set well if the surface on which it is to be applied is clean and free of impurities. The same is true of henna. So before you plan your Mehendi ceremony make sure you go for a good manicure and pedicure routine. This will clear your hands and feet of dead skin and not only make them look fresh the color of the Henna will also set better on clear skin. Also wash your hands with some regular whole wheat flower to make sure there is no oil on your skin so that the Henna may set in well.

Go Natural: Although many synthetic options are available today and a lot of designers tend to mix dyes in the Henna to make it set deep, this is harmful. The dyes tend to cause skin peeling and allergies. Moreover as the henna fades slowly the dye tends to fade very unevenly making it look ugly. So opt for genuine and unadulterated henna and darken it the traditional way.

Essential before: Before you sit down to get your hands and feet decorated spread on a some eucalyptus oil on your hands and feet. The oil activates the natural pigment in the Henna and it sets darker.

In the meanwhile: While you are waiting for your henna to dry you can use the following mixture to make sure it doesn't dry and scale off too fast before the color has had a chance to set on your skin. Simply mix sufficient amounts of lemon juice and white sugar till the sugar granules dissolve in the juice. Then apply this mixture generously to your henna design. This will make sure the Henna stays on your skin without peeling off in places which might lead to uneven darkening.

Helpful After: Immediately after the Henna has dried and scaled off naturally a great tip is to avoid moisture on your hands for another 24 hours. Also, heat a few cloves on a dry pan and treat your henna design with its smoke as the essential oils in the cloves also further activate the pigment in the natural Henna and it sets deep and dark.

These are some unbeatable tried and tested tricks for the Henna to set in dark.. have some of your own? Share them with us.


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Article By : Bhavna R