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How to Plan your perfect Indian-American Wedding during a Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has set back wedding planning for many Indian couples in America and across the globe. With the world now slowly starting to open up, couples have started planning their wedding.

So let's plan a wedding that is memorable, special, and keeps you and your guests safe from this contagious virus. We will walk you through the basics of planning your pandemic wedding while keeping your Indian relatives satisfied!.

Before we begin, I just wanted to give a word of advice: you are not the only one whose wedding has been thrown out of order. It is a good idea to find other couples going through the same turmoil as you so that you have someone to talk to who will understand your worries and concerns.

What Your Wedding Would Look Like?

The capacity of guests has been varying from one state to the other. Even if your wedding is still a few months away, and you might host more guests, it would be lovely to go for a more intimate wedding. This way, your guest will not be cautious or feel unsafe, and you would prevent further roadblocks to your magical day!

Step 1: Hunt Down the Right Venue

Given the numerous Indian Weddings put on hold because of the pandemic, there is a bit of a mad rush among people looking for their perfect wedding venues.

  • Think of a theme for an indoor or outdoor wedding and plan accordingly.

  • Have at least a few ideal dates in mind for flexibility

  • Fit the number of guests you wish to invite while maintaining proper social distancing measures, giving your guests sufficient space to move around freely.

    Step 2: Prep Your Guest List

    Now is the time to sit as a family and make lists of guests from both bride and groom's side. Try to include your parents in the planning process so that you are aware of any special requests or special guests to invite from either side.

    Step 3: Invite the Guests

    Here is where you can start getting creative. If you already have a theme in mind, you can incorporate it to your wedding invites!
     Initially, you can send out digital save-the-dates to all your guests. About a month before the wedding, you can send out the official invites.

    If you have decided on an intimate wedding, you probably have room in your budget to splurge a little here. You can create small welcome packages for your guests where you can print out the venue address onto face masks for the journey to the venue, include a small vial of sanitizer, and maybe even a handwritten note thanking them for being a part of your wedding.

    Step 4: Dress the Part

    Now that You have already got your wedding event in motion, it is time for the bride and the groom to start looking into what they will wear at the wedding.

    Your intimate wedding dress shopping experience is going to remain still enjoyable.

    Do you enjoy the idea of searching for your perfect dress from the comfort of your home?

    You might enjoy online shopping a little too much!

    Now is the time to spoil yourself with as many gorgeous outfits and accessories as you desire with nobody in the world to poke you.

    As Indian Americans, we can enjoy the best of both worlds with our fusion outfit ideas and fashion, Indian and western influenced.

    Try to do shopping nearby or online to be safe during the current situation and well ahead of time so you can make size adjustments as well if needed.

    Look for accessories for each event and keep them ready for celebrations like Sangeet, Reception, Ceremony, Engagement, etc.

    Most trending ethnic outfits for Ladies are paired with a small necklace, a longer necklace, and a headpiece, like the Maang Tika or even a Gajra Piece!

    The groom can do the same thing when selecting his wedding tux or Sherwani and accessorize with a fancy brooch or matching cufflinks with the belt.

    Step 5: Finalize Your Theme and Seating Arrangements

    Buffets are out, and sit-down meals are in! Make the seating charts now so your guests know where to sit and find an enjoyable company to share their meals. Keep enough spacing between your guests to keep in mind safe distancing.

    Step 6: Design a Socially Distanced Space

    A COVID wedding does not have to be boring! If you want a dancing space for your guests, have a dance floor divided into sections. Everyone will still be having fun together, but with an appropriate distance between them.

    Have masks, gloves, and sanitizers freely available, especially if your wedding has a younger crowd.

    The COVID Wedding Registry

    If your D-Day was postponed due to COVID, you do not need to take down your wedding registry or return any gifts you have already received. Since you still plan on having the wedding at a later date, this will not be awkward for you or your guests at all.

    How to Shorten Your Guest List

    You might have created your wedding list before the pandemic, including guests who can no longer be a part of your more intimate event. If you have already included them in the wedding by adding them to your wedding website or social media page, write a heartfelt message to all the people who are no longer invited. There is nothing to feel guilty about in this situation, and your well-wishers would understand and be happy for the next step in your life.

    If they have already sent you a gift, it is okay to hold on to it, but make sure you reach out to them personally to thank them for it.

    Make Your Wedding Special; the important thing is that you and your partner can still share this special day together with a handful of special guests.

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    Article By : Alokebarna Das