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Make it your own : 5 easy ways to personalize your wedding trousseau in 2020

When it comes to planning and organizing a perfect Bridal trousseau, many brides today want to personalize it. It is one of those trends that is barely a couple of years into being but has now almost become a standard practice with all trend alert brides-to-be.

There is a good reason for it too. For one, personalizing the wedding trousseau gives the bride a special touch and turn a run of the mill collection of wedding outfits into a cohesive collection of special garments that not only stand out at the wedding making it a special occasion, it turns the whole experience of preparing for the wedding into a memorable experience.

Often the bride coordinates her clothing with that of the groom and even other members of her own family as well as that of the groom.This becomes an enjoyable journey in planning the life ahead of the would-be couple and brings not just the couple but both their families even closer together as they pore over the minutest details of the wedding preparations. It gives them a chance to learn about each other and to bond as they look forward to a lifetime of togetherness.

So what is the best way to personalize your Indian Bridal Trousseau? With so many tiny details to think of it can be hard for you to think of ways in which to personalize your outfits. Pure Elegance brings you 5 easy ways to personalize your Indian Wedding trousseau which will help you stay on point when adding your special touch to your wedding wardrobe.


Picture this: This is one sure shot way to get that special, one of a kind look. Go for a personalized motif to adorn your blouse. The back of the blouse is usually not the first thing to cross your mind when going for embellishments. This is easily a big enough canvas for you to put your unique touch on the garment. You can pick from a range of motifs depicting a bride in her finery, or other wedding related icons such as musical instruments or a wedding doli.

Tip: With advances in digital prints and digitized embroidery, you can choose a personal picture you like and ask your blouse stitching service for it to be reproduced on your blouse back.

Call My name: Another way to personalize your Indian Wedding apparel is to add the the would-be couple's initials or name to the wedding outfit. You can pick a vertical or horizontal pattern in the lehenga and get these names embroidered. If you like you can even add both your own and your would-be family's names as well to denote the union.

Tip: Go for Hindi Devanagari lettering like Deepika Padukone's wedding lehenga as it adds a special ethnic touch to the outfit.

Vow them: There is no wedding without vows. So why should there be an outfit without them? You can write your own unique personalized wedding vows and get them printed or embroidered on your wedding outfit. You could also pick any of the traditional wedding mantras and get them added to your dress.

Tip: You can go for auspicious mantras or phrases often used in weddings. This way the outfit will never seem dated as many brides today prefer to reuse their wedding outfits as often as they can.

The beauty in details: Beauty lies in the details they say. So if you don't prefer to add personalized features to the main outfit for some reason, you can always add these tiny, unique personal details to the embellishments or details in the outfit. You can add embroidered names tassels to your choli or lehenga, monogram the couple's initials with embroidery on buttons, add a detail on the dupatta border.

Tip: Add personalized name or initial charms to your jewellery like Priyanka Chopra Jonas did with her hand jewellery for her wedding outfit.

 In is the way out: If you are one of those shy romantics who don't believe in flaunting their love, go for personalized details inside the garment. You can add name details on clothing tags, or get your favorite quotes, lucky numbers, special dates or your nicknames for each other as a couple, all embroidered inside the garment and wear them close to your skin.

Tip: Gift your groom a garment with a special message embroidered inside the garment. He will keep it close to his heart forever.

Now that should leave you with no doubt as to how to make the most of your wedding trousseau while you plan to get it personalized.

Have we inspired you with more ideas... ? Let us know !

 Images courtesy : Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R