Neighbours envy - India's Bride - III : 2019 Jewellery trends for the Bride to be


There are few other cultures in the world wherein it is customary for the bride to dress as lavishly and flamboyantly as it is in Indian culture.

From her clothes and make up, to her jewelry and shoes, every Indian bride looks no less than a princess on her wedding day. And talking of  Indian bridal jewelry, well, who can dispute the tradition of wearing beautiful Indian bridal jewelry with a lavish wedding lehenga or saree. Over the years, the trends in Indian bridal jewelry have also seen more room for variation and while the usual OTT gold or diamond bridal ensemble is beyond ever going obsolete, definitely a number of other styling variations have evolved to suit every pocket and taste.

Bridal fashion has also changed and from the usual saree-lehenga duo, the bride has more options to pick from for her wedding and other important pre and post wedding events. As you would expect bridal jewelry designs have also for their part kept pace with the Saree gowns and Shararas while still flattering Kanjivarams and Banarasi sarees.

However, as the wedding day draws closer, the pressure to find the perfect dress with the perfect jewelry begins mounting and it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right jewelry which is both trendy as well as complimentary to the outfit.

As always, Pure Elegance has an eye on the latest trends and we have a countdown of all the Indian jewelry styles in vogue this year to help you narrow down your choices and pick the bridal outfit and jewelry  of your dreams.



Diamonds are a girl's best friend: Priyanka Chopra-Jonas has proved that this adage never gets old. Just take a look at her chunky diamond  jewelry and even if you don't want to go all out with diamonds investing in one or two contemporary diamonds pieces in your wedding collection will make sure you have something suitable to wear even with your western outfits in the years to come. If you don't want to splurge on diamonds get a statement neck piece with a stone embellishment.

Pretty as a Pearl: Deepika Padukone chose a a trendy pearl encrusted choker to complement her reception saree and boy ! does she look resplendent. Pearls go with nearly every outfit from a Chikan saree to a silk shirt. Invest in at least one classic pearl choker or multi strand necklace to last you a lifetime.

Emerald Envy: Emeralds are also very in vogue this year and from chokers to emerald danglers to statement earrings, they are an ideal choice to contrast the traditional red colored wedding outfit that most Indian brides go for. You can even use variations of the color combination and pair a pink lehenga with turquoise jewellery or mint green emeralds with an orange Kanjivaram.

Golden girl: Gold is an ideal choice and there are many advantages to picking gold bridal jewelry. For one it is easy to coordinate it with an outfit that has gold sequin or gold zaree embellishments. It is also a good choice to invest in gold jewelry as it can be reused with almost any Indian ethnic outfit beyond the wedding as well. In 2019 the designs preferred are more contemporary for this reason and to get the best value for their money brides may pick multiple lighter pieces to mix and match later , rather than a few heavy pieces which may not be usable as often.


Antique Anticipation: Antique gold finish bridal jewelry is also much in demand this year. It is ideal pairing for a deep colored Kanjivaram and gives any bride a more sophisticated and classy aesthetic. Temple jewelry in antique finish will add a touch of heirloom charm to any bridal ensemble.

Here are the trends that are all the rage in 2019 for Indian bridal jewelry picks.

You can look forward to helpful tips to coordinate your bridal jewelry perfectly with your Indian Ethnic Bridal outfit at the Pure Elegance blog soon.


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Article By : Bhavna R