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How not to be a bridezilla on your wedding day: Grooming tips for the 2020 Indian Bride


Getting ready on the days leading up to your big day - your wedding; can sometimes drive you nuts. There are simply so many things to take care of. There is the wedding trousseau, the make up, the hair, the jewelry, shoes and of course the Henna on the Mehendi ceremony. It is scary to think of leaving out any important details and you certainly don't want to appear one shoddy bride at your own wedding.

However, no matter how many details you may need to take care of if you plan to take care of everything well in advance and time each step in the process before hand, you can easily manage to find the time for all grooming needs as an Indian bride and make sure you are the center of attention on your special day.

At Pure Elegance we have just the right tips for you to make sure that your bridal grooming and preparations proceed just right without giving you the slightest reason to worry.


Flash that smile: One of the most important things that we may sometimes tend to forget is to take care of our teeth. Well, we all want to appear pretty as brides but to make sure that when you flash that blissful smile in your wedding pictures your teeth must be nice and clean without any unflattering imperfections.

Usually, dental appointments and procedures can sometimes take months as many aspects need time for healing or curing. Therefore if you have any dental imperfections then one of the first things you need to schedule is an appointment with a Dental Aesthetician. A good professional will help you get clean, white teeth and treat any imperfections that might mar your glorious smile.

Get the glow: When it comes to appearing as the glowing bride, there is no substitute to eating right and exercising. So the moment your wedding date is decided and if in case you have not had the chance to pay much attention to your fitness then get in touch with a nutritionist. Begin eating right to give your skin and body the right nutrition and this will help you get the glow on your big day. Also, make sure you begin an exercise regimen or a yoga regimen to give you the best of health and fitness.

Trust us, not only will it make your skin glow and your clothes fit better, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic throughout your long winding wedding celebrations no matter how tiring it may get.

Lets face it: If you have any major skin problems and have not addressed them yet, now is the time. Find a good cosmetologist and deal with any skin related problems you may have. There is no substitute for healthy glowing skin and even your make up will set prettier on healthy, flawless skin.

Make it up: Make an appointment with a make up artist as soon as you have decided your outfit. Ask them for a test trial and see which look and make up shades work best with your outfit. This way there will be less to think about on your D-day and you can save precious time by preparing well in advance.

Finding the best Henna artist for your needs and planning how to have dark set henna should also be taken care of at this time.

Hair today: An appointment with the hair stylist is also helpful and you can ask them for a trial run too. Once decided shop for your hair accessories. Also, once you know which style you prefer accordingly plan a hair cut and blow dry session. Don't leave it for the final day.

Perfect 10: Of course your Haldi ceremony will take care of much but still plan a good spa and hair removal session right after that to make sure you have flawless exfoliated skin all over. Get an appointment at least a couple of days before your wedding to make sure your skin has time to heal and regain its glow after the session.

Now this should get you started well in time for grooming as a bride. Remember, for any bridezilla, planning is half the battle won !

 Images courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R