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Sorry Not Saree: What to wear in the 2019 festive season other than a saree


While we are guilty of waxing eloquent about the glory of the six yard wonder, the beautiful Indian garment known as the saree for all the right reasons, our love for luxurious Indian clothing in other style is no less apparent for sure. Sure there is just no garment as mesmerizing as an Indian saree to flatter a woman in all her beauty, but let us acknowledge there could be times when you have reasons to avoid wearing a saree. You could be rushing to a festive event and may be low on time to get ready, or you could be travelling and carrying a saree may not be suitable. Perhaps you are in a state of health which prevents you from fully embracing this lovely piece of Ethnic Indian wear – whatever be the case there is help at hand.

From pure elegance we bring you some other fresh styles that you can easily embrace to grace a festive occasion minus the hassle of saree and with double the appeal. Sounds like a win-win proposition, does it not?

Great! So why wait? Let us get started on this right away !


Lehenga with contemporary motifs: A lehenga with contemporary motifs in a bright color like this canary yellow number is the ideal look to carry for the festive season. The best thing about this outfit is that you don't even have to dress it up much with tonnes of jewelry or accessories because of its cheerful color and bold embellishments. 

If you are not in the mood for a lehenga but are looking for the festive cheer of deep yellows in easy breezy styles, you can also go in for this brightly colored minimalistic kurta palazzo set. This outfit spells class, elegance and happy festive vibes - go for it !

Ethnic dresses and gowns: If you are looking for a relaxed cut go for an Ethnic dress or gown to flatter your presence. After all what matters is your festive spirit and the good times that flow with it. Like this beautiful floor length number you too can opt for a floor length gown that has the charm of Indian Ethnic wear and the ease of a western style gown.

Shararas : Shararas are the ideal outfit for the festive season. They allow for easy movement, especially if you have kids. At the same time Shararas have seen a resurgence in the last few years and why not make the best of it ? Opt for shararas in more silken fabrics and embellished with zaree and other transnational workmanship.

Kurta with palazzo: When comfort is the top priority go or a kurta palazzo combination. The embellished kurta will carry you through the occasion and the easy comfort of the pants will help you handle the event fesitivities with ease.

While a saree is indeed the ultimate in festive fashion, sometimes it is just best to relax in more comfy styles. And who said you couldn't look your best in one of these other Indian Ethnic outfits ?

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Article By : Bhavna R