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Indian American Fusion Saree Draping

   Are you bored of the same old traditional way of draping your saree? Do you want to dip your toes into new and funkier ways of draping your saree but are concerned about how they would actually look like? Well, fret not as your girl here is ‘bout to give you some tips and tricks to drape your saree like an Indian American Boss! For some of us, who are not used to handling a traditional saree often, it is not cakewalk to carry one during our many special events either. The Desi-fusion saree draping style has been trending in festive seasons nowadays due to its unconventional yet traditional look and ease of handling. PANT-STYLE SAREE DRAPING    Have...

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How to Plan your perfect Indian-American Wedding during a Pandemic

  The COVID-19 pandemic has set back wedding planning for many Indian couples in America and across the globe. With the world now slowly starting to open up, couples have started planning their wedding. So let's plan a wedding that is memorable, special, and keeps you and your guests safe from this contagious virus. We will walk you through the basics of planning your pandemic wedding while keeping your Indian relatives satisfied!. Before we begin, I just wanted to give a word of advice: you are not the only one whose wedding has been thrown out of order. It is a good idea to find other couples going through the same turmoil as you so that you have someone to talk to who will...

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