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Till Death do u part: Best tips to coordinate Indian Bridal accessories with Indian Bridal wear in 2019

Buying Indian Bridal accessories and Indian Bridal outfits is the splurge of a lifetime for any bride. She gets to pick a dazzling bridal lehenga or bridal saree and the best accessories with the assurance that she would be the most stunning beauty present on the occasion of her wedding day.

However when it comes down to actually coordinating the accessories with the outfit you have bought, sometimes even a small oversight can cause you undue worry and disappointments with your bridal look.

Imagine getting dressed on your wedding day, and realizing to late that your shoes are too high, or that the hairdo you picked will not go with the style of the maang-teeka you have chosen. With so many aspects of the look to decide, your dream wedding can turn into a nightmare before you realise, right ?

So what can you do to avoid this fiasco on your D-day ? Just follow some simple tips to make sure that you are set for the right accessories -outfit coordination and you will have a smooth sailing time getting ready on your special day.

Best tips to coordinate Indian Bridal jewelry and accessories with Indian bridal outfits in 2019

Style and silhouettes  : You already know that you should try to pick your jewelry before the dress because it is easier and less expensive to customize or accommodate the outfit to the jewelry than vice versa. Now the next step is to understand that your neckline, sleeves and hemline should also be designed with equal care so that they flatter the jewelry rather than cover it up or clash with it. The style of jewelry you pick should go well with the style of the wedding bridal outfit.



Colors and tones: Pick a bag or purse and shoes to use after the ceremony in the colors and the metal tones of your outfit and jewelry. You could even pick a clutch and shoes with the same embellishments.

Lengths and heights: Make sure you know how high your heels should be. When going for the fitting of your bridal lehenga or the drape of your bridal saree put on the heels that are about as high as you intend to wear. This will make sure you don't have a hem sweeping the ground or being perched too high on your waist. Find out beforehand and let the fitter know.

Metal tones: Pick one metal tone or two at the most and make sure that the embellishments on the outfit jewelry and the accessories all follow  the same tone to avoid a clashing effect.



Make up hairdo and Mehendi: Let your make-up, mehendi and hair expert have an idea of the outfit and jewelry, especially the earrings, head jewelry, necklace and  earrings so they can give you multiple suitable options to choose from.


Decor: This is not something you will think of until the wedding decorator reminds you. You are the star of this show, so your outfit can be the centerpiece of the entire wedding decor. Remember the ideal decor as well while planning your outfit and accessories to have a perfectly coordinated loo with the ambiance. This will also make for some great pictures.


So just with these simple tips in mind looking fabulous on your wedding day will come much easier to you. Not only will this save you any last minute stress it will also keep the adding expenses in check.

After all it is a once in a lifetime occasion for any bride, she deserves to look her best and to have the best time too !

Images courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R