Till death do us part : Best Tips to buy Indian Bridal Jewelry in 2019


Every girl dreams of finding her soul mate and creating a life of sharing and togetherness with him for all time to come. Her wedding is the door to those moments of shared sorrows and joys which make the burden of life a labor of love.

However the preparations for a wedding are sometimes a stressful part of initiating this journey and can hamper your celebratory spirit if things don't turn out as planned.

And let's face it, as it happens one of the biggest spends in an Indian wedding is a bride's jewelry and knowing the variety and number of pieces that traditional Indian Bridal Jewelry comes in, that can give you quite the challenge when it comes to picking the best options and having all of them ready in due time.

Best tips to buy Indian bridal Jewelry in 2019

With some care and attention to detail it is possible to make this a smooth going and you can buy Indian Bridal Jewelry than not only elevates your look but lasts you a lifetime and without costing a bomb either.


Early Bird gets the worm: Start researching your desired Indian Bridal look and the corresponding options in Indian Bridal Jewelry in advance. Don't wait until the final days. This will give you time to research trends as well as budget options.

Stitch in time: Make sure you are clear on what you jewelry goal is. If it is simply to splurge then you can pick what suits your fancy. Howe ever if it is an investment, pick pieces which will retain the maximum resale value. This means avoiding jewelry with a lot of stones or welds. Buying minimal designs in plain and higher carat value gold will go a long way in ensuring that your money is well invested.

I got it from my Momma: Go through the pieces you may inherit from the family's collection. Avoid repeating that piece in your purchase. Then add matching or coordinating pieces to work it to the max.

Sky is not the limit: Plan the budget with a clear maximum limit and try to stick to it. Plan your purchases after your first store browsing trip and see which pieces seem to be the most useful . Buy accordingly.

For the long haul: Choose the jewelry before the outfit and try to coordinate the outfit to the jewelry rather than the other way. Try to purchase maximum pieces with a multiple use potential with various styles of outfits including Indian saree or lehenga and western gowns or dresses.

Till death do us part: Pick pieces that will outlast current fashion trends so you can wear them beyond the wedding, for years to come, and even hand down to your family. Indian Bridal jewelry is often passed down to the next generation so buy with that also in mind.

She's got the look: Pick jewelry that flatters your face shape, skin tone an body type.  Match the size, the tone and the style of your Indian Bridal jewelry accordingly.

More is more: Instead of buying a few heavy solid gold pieces buy more light pieces with variety in design to make the most of it. You can then layer them up or simply wear one or two pieces depending on your need. A few heavy sets will not be useful for all occasions.

Live it up: Mix and match your pieces rather than buying all pieces in one single style. This will also ensure your jewelry collection has more variety to suit every occasion when you dress up in Indian ethnic wear.

As you like it: When buying jewelry always ask if you can customize your pieces. You can also ask for pieces that can be worn several ways, like necklace pendants which double up as earrings or a necklace that could double up as a bracelet.

Money's worth: Ask for a price breakup so you know what you are getting for your money. Ask for details like making charges, weight of the precious stones used and the taxes applicable. Make sure you are getting a good and honest deal.

That's how you do it: Always buy your Indian Bridal jewelry from a reputed jewelry store and ask for proper receipts of all purchases. avoid buying pieces that are not hallmarked. When it is time to convert your jewelry to cash or to exchange it, this will make sure you get your money's worth with the least possible loss.

Images courtesy: Feature Image : Pintrest, Jewelry : Amrapali jewels.

Article By : Bhavna R