Beating the odds : Personal care to stay safe during the Corona 19 outbreak



The fear is real. The Corona virus pandemic has reached a global scale affecting each person no matter where they are. Everything has taken a backseat to this crisis and people are filled with doubts and worry about how to protect themselves against this fast spreading viral disease.

Well, life is tough, but so are you. With proper precautions and due care you can prevent this disease from catching on to you. However the correct information is the best armor against the Covid 19. So we at Pure Elegance, forever your partners not just for celebrations but also in crisis bring you the most reliable information on how to ensure that you and your loved ones are well protected against this deadly virus.

Practice strict personal hygiene: We all know by now that cleaning our hands frequently with any good lathering soap or with sanitizer and using face masks to avoid getting infected by respiratory droplets are the two main ways to avoid getting infected with the COVID-19 virus. In addition here are some more tips to prevent infection.

- Do not greet others as usual with handshakes or hugs. Simply greet them with a NAMASTE ! Do it the Indian way !

 - Avoid sharing personal care products and clean their bottles/ and packages frequently to make sure you don't pass any infections to family members.

-If you have pets, bathe them and avoid hugging, petting or allowing them on the furniture so that they do not become carriers of the virus in case of inadvertent infections.

-Shower as frequently as is suitable to your health and age and if you step out for work or errands make sure to shower and change. Wash all the clothing items used outdoors immediately.


Stay home Stay safe - If you are not bound by important errands or work obligations, avoid stepping out. This is the best way to avoid running into other people or spaces where you may end up getting exposed to the COVID-19 infection.


Social Distancing- Even when interacting with other people including co workers, staff, or other persons keep a distance of 1 meter while interacting. Avoid stepping into crowded spaces.

Prevention is better than cure - Protect yourself with increased alertness against the common cold and flu. In case you do get a cold or cough immediately consult your general physician and follow their advice to treat yourself. This will ensure that you will be healthy enough to withstand a COVID-19 infection in better health in case you do get exposed to it.

Build health- Perhaps you have not been to careful with your health so far. However, it is never too late. Eat more vegetables and greens. Avoid heavy foods, alcohol and smoking. This will strengthen and improve your immunity and reduce the chances of contracting the illness.

Monitor and Report - Last but not the least, make sure to monitor your own health and that of your loved ones. In case you feel that you are showing the symptoms of a Corona infections including high fever, body ache, dry cough, cold and most important - difficulty in breathing, then report it to the authorities and immedietly quarantine yourself.

The Pandemic has hit us hard

People have lost lives, people have lost jobs and livelihood and many are on the verge of losing hope against this deadly virus. Despite their best attempts many countries are finding it hard to cope with the  Corona pandemic but let us remember, the race is not yet over.

The silver lining

And all is not bleak about the situation. While it looks like the pandemic is going to last a while, there are also some positives to console us during this crisis. With people having resorted to self isolation, pollution levels have come down, many water bodies have begun to appear cleaner, and birds and small animals seem to have reclaimed the spaces that had been till now dominated by human inhabitation. Watch this amazing video from The Guardian showing how nature has immediately switched to reboot and replenished its health, while humans step back.

It has been reiterated by the World Health Organisation that prevention is the best remedy against the dreaded corona. Governments across the world have taken note and are making sure that there is maximum restriction on the movement of people to contain the spread of this highly contagious disease.

If you are looking for the live stats on the pandemic you can see it you can see it here.

But all is not lost. We have health systems in place and all governments are doing their best to contain the damage. So, don't panic, simply follow these measures and stay safe in this trying hour !


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Article By : Bhavna R

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