Dear Kate Spade, you will always remain a Legend



Back in the day during the late 90’s, women in the USA were hooked to the iconic fashion brand, Kate Spade. A unique label selling trademark colourful handbags, heels and fancy accessories for the feminine and fashion-conscious women. A lady with dreams as big as the galaxy started her own brand in 1993 by combining utility and aesthetic appeal that reflected in her immaculately designed products. However, the catch was that she only used a mere six kinds of silhouettes to produce a variety of striped, colourful signature bags that exude an exclusive flavour of “Kate Spade”


In 1996, she opened her first-ever retail store in the USA and gaging the high popularity of her label, she expanded her business exponentially. Kate Spade started the business with her husband and the creative director, however, no one knew what lurked in the crevices of her heart. What shook her or kept her aloof from all the stardom and paparazzi that she finally gave in to Neiman Marcus. Kate Spade was sold to the latter but it grew by leaps and bounds. 145 stores in the USA and 175 stores internationally, she left her mark with the most precious accessory that a woman can own in her closet. Recently in May 2017, luxury fashion brand Coach appealed to buy Kate Spade for an exorbitant $2.5 billion.


Every woman all over the world dreams of owning that perfect handbag to beach, date, work or just as an heirloom. Well, that’s the phenomenal Kate Spade for you and not just handbags, she ventured into accessories like brooches, earrings, earmuffs, heels etc. to add an edge to your look. Your outfit maybe perfect but Kate Spade just makes it better!


What a lavish life she lived in, however, it was short-lived when she was found dead in her plush apartment at the Park Avenue on a Tuesday night. She hanged herself with a scarf on a fan ceiling, leaving the entire fraternity and her fans all-over in a great shock.

All through these years, Kate Spade created smiles through her handcrafted handbags however she housed a tormented heart always. Even though she distanced herself from the brand at a nascent stage, she will always be our fashion diva, the one who gave us the teenage goals that forever linger in our closet full of memories.

Such a tragic end to a colourful and delightful being. Kate Spade left a suicidal note addressed to her dear husband Andy Spade and 13-year-old daughter stating it’s not their fault. She suffered from a bipolar mental disease which reached an acute stage and hence, she finally gave in. We all will miss the chic and whimsical style of Kate Spade through her extravagant empire but also the lady who was nothing less than a powerhouse businesswoman. She’s an inspiration for all the women struggling to build their niche and working harder every day to reach their goals.

Kate Spade, you’re every woman’s best friend and shall always be. We confide our emotions through your colourful vision, and we honour you for gifting us with an amazing beauty to this world. We will cherish you deep down our hearts, you’re a legend.

 Image Courtesy: 1. Hollywood Life, 2. CNN; Featured Image (NPR)

Article By : Pure Elegance

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