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Holi dressing 101 - Skin, hair and dressing tips to make the best of Holi celerations in 2020

Holi is just round the corner and surely you are all excited about that pool party you are invited to. Who wouldn't be? Colors, sweets, fun, games, music, dance pranks and excitement - everything about Holi celebrations is rejuvenating for the soul.

And after a long winter this lovely spring celebration is a welcome change for Indians no matter where they may reside. However if you are not well-prepared for the upcoming Holi shenanigans that you and your friends may have planned you may not be able to make the best of the festivities.

Holi celebrations are absolute fun, but playing with all that color can be messy. But why worry when Pure Elegance has your back on this? Here are the best must know tips on hair and skin care and perfectly trendy and comfy dressing to prepare you for the best Holi celebrations of your life.

Let us begin !

Avoid clothing with too much fabric

Clothing and Accessories --

Color: While it is customary to wear white on holi you can always pick other pastel shades to don on the festival of colors. Pick any of the spring staples that will look fresh when you begin the festivities and allow colors to show once you are done playing with them. What fun is it to play with colors and not end up looking like a walking talking rainbow. Pick yellows, pale blues, pinks and mint greens for that fresh feel if white is not your Holi jam.

Pick comfortable loose clothes

Silhouette: Now this is a crucial aspect of Holi dressing. While a lot of people wear Indian clothes on Holi as they should on any Indian festival, it always helps to make sure that you do not wear garments with too much fabric. Especially if you play with water based colors and not just dry colors you don't want a garment that will become heavy and uncomfortable in case you get drenched with color. Ideally pick something loose and comfortable but not bulky.Pick palazzoes and loose short kurtis so you can run around freely to avoid those water balloons coming straight for you !

Fabric: Pick natural fabrics that will dry easy and that don't cling when wet. Natural fabrics will also help you avoid sunburns if you are outdoors and will allow your clothes to hang away from your skin for easy movement and quick drying even when drenched. Also, if you are going for white clothes don't pick something too flimsy, to avoid the embarrassment of clothing that becomes see through once wet.

Avoid make up and jewellery

Jewellery: Ideally avoid wearing jewellery but if you must then pick jewellery that will not react with your skin when wet. Natural materials like wood or stone are perfect. Resin based jewellery will also remain waterproof and will not harm your skin.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from color

Sun glasses: This is an easy way to protect your eyes from both dry and wet colors. Make sure you carry a pair that you won't miss if you were to lose or break it.

Footwear: This one is easy. Nothing like the comfort of rubber or silicon footwear to beat the slippery slope of a wet floor on holi. These will dry quick and not become heavy if you are drenched with a bucket-full of color.

Bag: Carry a small PU bag with a secure zipper to hold important items like your phone, home and car keys and any documents and your wallet. This will also make sure your valuables remain with you without any damage from water or colors. Don't forget to throw in a pack of tissues and some eye drops just in case !

Hair --


Care: Keep in mind that unless you play Holi with natural or nature based colors, it can be hard to get rid  of colors from the hair, especially if you have light hair, or hair with light highlights. Ideally, wearing some light protective oil is the best protection but if you don't want to have an oily hairdo on Holi then simply wash your hair with a color protecting shampoo a day before Holi, or get a henna treatment. Both the steps will ensure that your hair follicles have a protective layer on your hair that will not allow other colors to stay strong.

If you need to go to work the next day, simply put on a smart cap and there ! your hair is all safe from the stubborn Holi colors.


Tie your hair up

Styling: If you decide to go bareheaded, catching your hair in a bun or plate will ensure that your hair doesn't get doused with too much color. This will make it easier to wash it off later.

After care: In case you end up with string color on your hair, go easy on the shampooing. Just use a natural bleach like lemon or tomato juice and make sure to condition your hair afterwards. The natural bleaching agent in these will remove the color without doing any further damage to your gorgeous mane.


Makeup: Well, it might seem counter intuitive to think of putting on make up if you are going to be doused in Holi colors later, so you can go with a bare face but make sure to moisturize your skin well so that colors do not penetrate the deeper layers and do no damage. Make sure you wear sunscreen if you are playing with colors outdoors.

After care: Again, if you have too much color on the skin that refuses to come off in one wash, go easy on the skin and do not douse it with strong soaps or face-wash. A simple way to remove color faster is to use a homemade facial exfoliater like besan (gram powder) with a spoonful of curd or a mudpack.

This will hold on to the color and remove it without damaging your skin. You can opt to go for a facial treatment too for undoing the color that may remain. Avoid bleaching your skin with harsh chemicals and use natural products or home remedies like lime juice or tomato juice to remove the colors gently and gradually.

So, just follow these tips and your Holi celebrations will be better off without a bad hair or skin day.

Happy Holi !!

Images: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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