Must have saree blouse designs for this wedding season

Much is said about the beauty of the saree and its variations but there is never quite enough said about its faithful companion, the saree blouse. The saree blouse has been the faithful companion to the six yard wonder for over a century now.

Of course the fashionistas know this well and leave no stone unturned to make the most of this petite garment which adds the final touch to a saree outfit.

While many innovative looks have done away with the traditional saree blouse off late such as pairing the saree with a white shirt, a silk shirt, or even a T-shirt, none of these style innovations can ever completely replace the saree blouse as the other half of a traditional Indian look.

At Pure Elegance we take note of how irreplaceable the saree blouse is we offer novel and fresh designs for the saree blouse. After all, close on the heels of the Dipawali festival comes the Indian Wedding season and therefore we bring you a variety of different Saree blouses to pick from.

These must have blouse designs for the wedding season 2019 will lift you off your feet and bring you to gossamer dreams that elevate not just your look but also your spirit when you wear these well stiched and beatifully designed pieces.

So why wait? Let us take a look at some of our latest in blouse designs !

Black embroidered high neck blouse: This elegant black embroidered high neck silk saree blouse is perfect to glam up your lace or net sarees. It will also be a great pic for a solid silk or chanderi saree with coordinated colors.

Style tip: Avoid heavy jewellery around the neck to let the gorgeous embroidery be the talking point when you wear this blouse.


Banarasi blouse:This gorgeous purple Banarasi silk saree blouse with zari work is an ideal companion to a solid saree in silk and can elevate your wedding attire without much ado.

Style tip: Pair this gorgeous blouse with a contrasting solid saree to make the pairing the highlight. Leave the neck area free of jewellery to let the rich motifs retain the focus.

Studded gold blouse: This one is a classic design and is ideal pairing with a pastel saree in any shade. The bold sleveless cut and the high neckpairing are ideal for giving a more formal look to the saree.

Style tip: Pair this with an embroidered and embellished chiffon saree in pastels like beige, pink, sky blue or orange and make heads turn.

Maroon Applique blouse: If you have a maroon or gold saree picked out for the evening this bold maroon applique work blouse with giold highlights would be ideal. Especially if you want the blouse to be noticed pair it with a gold tissue saree and let the eyes roll in envy.

Style tip: You can pair this blouse with a number of different sarees, however make sure that their motifs are small and do not clash with the bod motifs on this blouse.


Embroidered collared off white blouse: This lovely embroidered blouse with dainty motifs is a sure winner for any occasion. You can pair this with a lot of different styles of sarees and that makes this a versatile piece.

 Style tip: To truly make this blouse a talking point pair it with an unusual checkered saree in coordinated colors and you will see all eyes gravitate to your sartorial finesse.


While these are just a handful of picks from our saree blouse collection for 2019 wedding season, there are more blouses to pick from here.

Browse to your heart's content and go on ... look gorgeous !!


Article By : Bhavna R

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