Padmaavat’s song Ghoomar performed by the NBA Cheerleaders will leave you Awestruck

The much-controversial epic movie Padmaavat directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali underwent a series of allegations. However, the “Padmaavat Effect” seems to have inspired people overseas as recently the cheerleaders took us by surprise when they twirled on the grooving beats of Ghoomar. Deepika Padukone starring as Rani Padmini performed the Ghoomar dance and was subject of objection by several royal Rajput families from Rajasthan and other parts of the country.

The irony that people thoroughly enjoyed Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat match with a scintillating performance by cheerleaders and themselves grooved over the desi beats of the folk song. The basketball match organized annually by the National Basketball Association was held on January 28 '18 in USA was a major hit. They were whistling and constantly clapping as the girls grooved in full swing. Ghoomar is believed to be a folk dance which is performed by the traditional Rajput women on auspicious occasions, however, the fact that Queens maintain a certain level of dignity and do not indulge in such acts which were back then considered “lewd”. The Ghoomar dance was speculated critically and some scenes were also edited where Deepika’s midriff was left bare.

The drool-worthy video of cheerleaders showing their latkas and jhatkas and was truly mesmerizing and this has also instilled in us pride and a feeling of patriotism. We’re brimming with joy and enthusiasm as Indians and we can’t wait to show you the viral Facebook video that is making everyone go gaga on the digital world. Check out the above video.

Article By : Pure Elegance



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