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“Shame On You” If You Can’t Drape a Saree?

Recently, a very popular Indian fashion designer was lambasted on social media for his utterly chauvinist comments on the traditional clothing of India. While a major segment of the country adores and admires this Internationally renowned designer for his flamboyant and exquisite designs with a punch of western touch, he was accused by the Twitteratis recently.

Indian tradition has forever since the mankind never favoured the women clan and today, again on such adverse comments at an International event, Indian women were subjugated to a plea that will hang the faces of pity Indian men in shame. Because they don’t know how to drape a saree. A saree which has been draped, adored and worn in most parts of the country is the oldest traditional attire for the Indian women. From the evolution of a saree to the trends and draping styles, Indian women have come a long way in liberating themselves, yet we are still debating on whether or not you have mastered the art to drape irrespective of your clothing choices. Women were always told what to do and what not to do and with this controversy kicking in full swing, we are not surprised that women have become the billy goat.  

While the designers play an important role in shaping, conceptualizing and framing the clothing designs, styles and aesthetics, they are still not given the right to accuse women of their basic clothing rights. Nobody should dictate us women of what to wear and how to drape it. In a world where athleisure is a trend, periods are no more a taboo, no bra weekends are a norm, sarees should definitely not be the centre of the debate.

Here are some of the Twitteratis who couldn’t bear their emotions like us and took to social media to express their angst.

These are some of the substantial Tweets which we feel sum up the entire heated situation really well. In the midst of women empowerment and culture pressure, Indian women have still a long way to go however, with such sharp comments and proactive abolishing, we feel we have succeeded so far in liberating at least a part of the Indian youth.

With this Saree shaming debate coming to an end, we, at Pure Elegance strongly believe that a woman looks classic in the traditional nine yards. However, it’s her choice and totally her discretion to wear and drape a saree. We admire, salute and cherish our women in all forms and matter, and strive to stand by their side to support them forever.

Article By : Pure Elegance

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