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Bollywood Stars light up Diwali : Best dressed Celebs this Diwali to steal your hearts away

Diwali is not complete without a glance at the Bollywood star parade and the best dressed among them. After all they are our undisputed style icons and it is to them that we look for inspiration for fashion choices. How can we forget to appreciate the bevy of Bollywood beauties that are truly the crown jewels when it comes to selecting and styling Indian ethnic wear with the true grace and glamour that befits it ?

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Fashionably Intelligent : AI comes to conquer Fashion

AI is increasingly becoming a more pervasive and integral part of our fashion retail and very soon it will even permeate more by automating back-end aspects of production, sorting through consumer data with unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy and increasing the wow factor in both brick and mortar as well as the online store experience for consumers.

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