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To Saree Shame or Not!

Over the decades, Indian culture and tradition stand tall with a rich historical prerogative that advocates everything from mere ethics, morals to duties and rights of both men and women. Talking of clothing, saree has bee immortalized in the Indian history and has long been worn by the Indian women for more than century. The evolution of sari has indeed played a major role, however, preserving and promoting the staple garment for women is equally essential.

Saree has been found in the books of Vedas which is the oldest document in the history of mankind. Saris were the only clothing for women in the Indus Valley Civilization. Since then to now, a lot has been changed. The way a saree was draped back then has evolved over a long period of time and today, the young modern Bollywood designers have given a fresh new perspective to the vintage form of clothing for women.  

In the realm of western attires flooding the market and largely influencing the Indian women, NRI’s and mostly the educated urban youth, the elegance of nine yards of drape has somewhere has its true essence and elegance. While we watched our grandmothers sleeping in a saree and waking up in the morning with no folds or creases in her sari, she leads us by example. A saree that personifies the woman’s elegance and brings out her effervescent grace and poise. The beautiful garment which can be worn in an umpteen number of ways and is draped differently in different parts of the country is a proof that you can experiment and live in a sari for days without feeling monotonous. Because you got 100 ways to drape it right?

The ability of a saree to keep you warm during winters and cool during summers, its professional aesthetics can be turned into a stylish utility thereby making you the spotlight. It can be folded or tucked depending upon your style, however, the millennia is quite fashion forward and they love to keep it uber-stylish with sustainable clothing choices. From dhoti sari drape to cape blouse or double pallu saree, there are in numerous ways to style your sari your way.

The debatable question of whether of not an Indian woman knows how to drape a saree is right or not is absolutely subjective. As the Twitterati have recently lambasted a popular designer on his views about the saree draping skill which is quintessential for every Indian woman and that he’s ashamed if they don’t know how to drape a saree. Women have taken over the social media to express their angst and throw ridicule, however, we’d say that the question of draping is a far-cry when the women these days look out for alternative options and only a negligible percent of women believe in restoring and promoting the cultural heritage via their traditional clothing.

The art of draping a saree is indeed dexterous and calls for some tactful learning. Practice makes everyone perfect and that’s definitely not a big deal, however, the fact that choosing a sari for an event must be a pre-requisite. Bollywood celebrities are often seen wearing a saree at official events, international events and Awards shows too. Deepika Padukone once quoted “Saree is my go-to clothing to look traditional and sexy.” We’re seconding the fashion icon of Bollywood here.

So, ladies, tell us what you think of the age-old traditional Indian garment? Should draping a saree be limited to the cultural compulsion or should it remain just another Indian traditional clothing? The choice is yours, voice your opinion and let us know how you feel!

Pure Elegance will always strive to preserve, restore and sustain the saree- Indian women clothing. Come, be a part of our awakening and #SareeRevolution.

Image Courtesy: 1. eSamskriti, 2. Wordpress, 3. Instagram

Article By : Pure Elegance

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