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8 Handy Tips for Fashionable Working Women

While juggling with a myriad of activities like career switch, family, balancing the act and all the things in between, women have proven their mettle by being the polished multitaskers and excelling equally in their career at the same time. Meddling with umpteen tasks, working women indeed are the game changers when it comes to handling home and work affairs seamlessly. However, in the hustle bustle of your daily packed lives and schedules, don’t forget to take a look at these handy tips for fashionable working women.

Color Block


Like every writer and artist experiences a block in their career and lives respectively, so does your wardrobe. Unearth a variety of colors in your closet to move beyond the monotones and monochromes. Invest in solid earthy hues like caramel, olive, marsala, cherry red, chocolate and plums to add a variety of bold colors that shall exude a confident and poised personality. However, dark colors are not equivalent to flashy colors, so steer clear from them. Rich colors portray high authority and reflect the sustainable womanhood.


Tailored Silhouettes

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Workwear should reflect your serious state-of-mind, which is what the tailored suits and corporate attires lend. A touch of clean cuts and fine lines on your ensembles reflect your passion for career growth and often put you in the glorious limelight. Avoid wrinkled shirts and kurtas that are not finely ironed, it gives a very unprofessional look and makes up for quite a distraction. Go for pleated skirts, high waist flared bottoms, silk blouses, solid shift dresses and crepe suits that require minimal ironing.


Statement Accessory

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A woman should never forget that her look is incomplete without a statement accessory like drop earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, belt or a scarf. Adding these versatile pieces, one at a time, will certainly fetch you some compliments and serious eyeballs. However, don’t perk up and overdo it. Keep your look minimal, mellow and strictly formal.


Don’t Forget the Basics

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Basics are called so for a reason after all, everything ranging from a white collared shirt to black trousers, LBD, beige blazer et al. For those grumpy late mornings when work is the last thing on your mind, a dash of red lipstick, dollops of mascara and BASICS will save your day with lots of coffee of course. Stack the quintessential fitting elements that do not look out of place and create a messy image. Look how Konkona Sen carries off her contemporary style with elegance, she certainly knows how to style the basics right. And every other lady at your office who does knows the importance and how much it adds to your classic body language.


Comfort Comes First

Undoubtedly, one of the most serious concerns that every woman undergoes is the fact that comfortable clothing and footwear should always be a priority, no matter what. If body-hugging trousers and denim aren’t your cup of tea, ditch them for a solid shift dress. But make sure that you work ethics are in sync with your clothing choice. Also, picking up the most versatile clothing items should be considered instead of the trendy formal wear which might look perky but end up being pesky.


Stay Minimalistic

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Because nothing casts a spell like the minimal work wear. Solid, structured, bold and strong pieces of accessories and clothing items go a long way in enhancing the image of a working woman. Invest in precious jewelry, tailored clothes and comfortable footwear with block heels for a professional yet sculpted look. Keep your makeup au naturale with BB cream, and a touch of compact powder to prevent sweat from accumulating your visage. Slick back hair in a ponytail or bun is most preferred.


Mix and Match


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You don’t always have to buy new clothes to team it up with your specific colored trouser or culottes or skirts. Just get your creative juice running and pair the printed blouse with a solid skirt, or you can add a pop of color with a quirky scarf on the monotone outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but make sure only one piece of clothing stands out or else you will be a walking cake. And you definitely don’t want to be called one.


Own one Conversation Piece

Because why not? You must invest in at least one conversation piece that will catch the fancy of your co-workers and enquire about the source. It’s always a wonderful idea to take such statement-worthy accessories and clothing pieces to events and formal parties where you can find avenues to connect with the higher authorities. And such conversation starters will always work in your favour. Because remember a woman who wears good clothes will be remembered for who she was and the woman wearing bad clothes, people will remember her clothes.


Saree - The Statement Wear

Believe us or not but saree has always been the foremost ethnic wear for all the women in higher authorities. Keynote women like Chadana Kochchar, Arundhati Roy, Konkona Sen and the likes drape the authentic Indian nine yards to reflect the raw Indian-nes while balancing their talent effortlessly. 


Article By : Ambika Asthana