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Meet the Women Leaders Breaking the Stereotype, One at a Time

While penning this down on the occasion of Women’s Day, I often feel in a dilemma. The dilemma that makes a transition from a damsel in distress to an empowered evolved woman with a mind of her own in the present era. Read more to know about the revolutionary and most powerful women in the world.

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Celebrating Womanhood Stitch by Stitch

She’s turning another page,To grow wings and fly highWise to judge all vicesLong waged battles with society locks doors to prejudices Pure Elegance has time and again, acknowledged the dedicated efforts of every woman who laboriously invest themselves to feed their family, raise their kids, instill in them moral values and ethics, become financially independent and most importantly to take important decisions all by themselves. We are celebrating every such woman who has been lost in the chaos of the money churning machine with high hopes and dreams to fulfill their basic needs. One such clan of women is that of women artisans who ceaselessly work day and night to produce one half of the world’s food supply while contributing...

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