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Style isn't limited to clothes alone and to finish a chic look, topping it off with the right accessories is a must! Jewelry is one of the biggest categories when it comes to  accessories and it can do wonders for your look. Whether you're looking to accentuate a certain fashion vibe, bring in a dash of bold or looking to bring in some style contrast, the right pieces of jewelry can do it all, with much ease. It's important to team an ethnic Indian look with ethnic Indian jewelry. Indian fashion exudes a certain unique charm and grace. It's important to pair your ethnic outfits with jewelry that delights with matching aesthetics. 


Bangles are a crucial part of Indian jewelry. They dress up the wrists oh-so-beautifully and add a dash of gorgeousness to your already stellar look, effortlessly. Commonly round, bangles can be worn single, as a set of two, or many more. Thin bangles are usually worn in a larger set while thicker ones are usually worn single or in a pair of two. 
Culturally too, bangles play a significant part in ethnic Indian jewelry, especially for married women. At weddings, a bride is decked in the finest of jewelry which includes a big set of bangles. In Punjab, brides wear a special set of bangles known as the "chooda". The chooda or the choora is traditionally a set of white and red bangles with decorative dots. In recent times, pink and white chooda bangle sets too, have become incredibly popular. 
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Cuff bracelets are an evergreen style when it comes to ethnic Indian jewelry. Usually an inch or two wide, a cuff bracelet is all things bold and beautiful. Exuding confidence and glam, a cuff bracelet is commonly worn single. If you are looking to keep it striking, with a dash of a feminine vibe, add on two thin bangles and make it a set of three. Ultra versatile, a cuff bracelet bangle can be worn to compliment a pronounced look and make it more eye catching. It can also be paired with a simple outfit to give it a pop. 
Looking to take the exquisite route that ethnic Indian fashion is so immensely popular for? Look no further than the cut-work style of bangles. Intricately designed using cut-work techniques, this one is a great option for when you want to flaunt an eye-catching piece of jewelry but don't want to keep it too heavy. 
This is a style of bangles you just cannot go wrong with. With an air of daintiness, a dash of delicate vibe and a whole dollop of classic traditional design elements, this style of bangles can easily fit into almost any ethnic Indian look. Wear it single, in a pair or in a large set, these bangles are sure to add a whole lot of charm to your outfit however you wear them. 
When headed for a friend's mehendi, pair a statement gold cuff bracelet with a contemporary outfit like a pant-saree. For a family friend's wedding, nothing works better than a cut-work bangle with stones, flanked by two simple gold and stone bangles. For simple pujas and dinners, a red suit topped with a multi-colored stone bangle in each hand is just perfect.
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