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Indian Jewelry


Ethnic Indian Fashion has an alluring charm to it. Fluid fabrics meet beautiful patterns and exquisite accessories. However, it's important to note that like any look, an ethnic look too, comprises not just garments but accessories and shoes too. When speaking of accessories, jewelry is often the first thing to pop up in one's mind. Indian ethnic jewelry is a gorgeous world of its own that is poetry in gold, silver and dazzling stones. Pure Elegance is stoked to offer you ethnic fashion jewelry from Amrapali online in USA.


There is a profound history of Indian ethnic jewelry; it has been a pride of the royals as well as the country. The exquisite and finest craftsmanship of traditional Indian jewelry sets it apart from the rest of the world. From extravagant polki kundan jewelry to antique silver Indian jewelry, every design is created with exceptional detailing. Indian jewellery underwent a lot of changes over the centuries due to political and cultural impact.  The bountiful supply of metal and gemstones brought financial prosperity to India through trade and export with other countries.

The Indian jewelry making process was started during Indus Valley Civilization around 1500 BC. During the period of Indus Valley Civilization gold and bead necklaces, gold earrings and metallic bangles were crafted by people. Mostly women wore jewellery during the period like clay or shell bracelets. They also wore thin bands of gold on their forehead, chokers, primitive brooches, earrings and gold rings. According to Hindu religion, silver and gold are regarded as sacred metals. Silver is a symbol of cool moon and gold is a symbol of the warm sun. Silver and gold both are the building metals of the traditional Indian jewellery.

Indian gold jewelry is considered a symbol of status and royalty. During the earlier times, only Maharajas and royal families had the rights to wear gold jewellery. Navratana, an amulet worn only by Maharaja comprised nine gems including diamond, ruby, pearl, sapphire, topaz, emerald, cat’s eye, hyacinth, and coral. Each stone had a significant meaning and was considered a mark of power and royalty. Even diamonds were mined first in India only and played a big role in trade due to their value. These days diamond jewelry is a tradition in Indian weddings and also is worn as a status symbol. Pure gold jewelry is also bought for investment and financial security. Gold jewelry is gifted to daughters by parents and in-laws on their weddings.


These days women are resorting to Indian fashion jewelry crafted from pure silver with gold plating, just because they are equally stunning and take away the stress of storing the jewelry in banks. Indian costume jewelry doesn’t mean cheap imitation and tacky looking jewelry anymore. The same amount of detailing and artistry goes into shaping these beautiful jewellery pieces. The designs are as fine and as intricate as the real polki Kundan, jadau or Indian gold jewelry.

When speaking of Indian ethnic jewelry online, Amrapali is a name that pops into the head immediately. The globally renowned brand produces luxury silver and fine fashion jewelry that is on the wish list of almost all Indian women around the world. If you are looking to buy ethnic Amrapali jewelry online in the USA, Pure Elegance is your one stop shop. 

Pure Elegance has a range that dazzles and delights. Necklaces that fall adorn the neck beautifully like the chirps of birds on an early morning dawn. From simple fashion necklaces to bold and striking Indian necklace and earring sets, we house it all.


When in a discussion about ethnic Indian jewelry, there are certain styles that can never go out of style. Jhumka earrings are as classic as it can get. Be it a subtle elegant look you're going for or a bold and beautiful one, a pair of jhumkas is sure to finish your look dazzlingly well. A style that has been extensively worn by all generations, these traditional Indian earrings can never go out of fashion. 

Silver Gold Plated Jhumka Earrings

Statement bracelets too are incredibly modish and evergreen. With the ability to add on brownie points to any look, they're loved by Indian women across all ages and places. 

Silver Gold Plated Bracelet

Layered Kundan necklace is another timeless piece which can brighten up a simple saree or Indian suit. The classy Indian necklace is sure to garner you compliments due to its royal appeal and is a versatile piece which can go readily with any Indian ensemble.

Layered Kundan Necklace

Though chokers are the flavor of the season, they can be dated back to the times immemorial when women of royal families wore heavy Kundan polki choker necklaces with Banarasi sarees. Be it Queen Diana of England or Maharani Gayatri Devi of India they have always been an inherent part of the royal closet. Amrapali is a brand that always blends current favorites with vintage designs when it comes to jewelry fashion. At Pure Elegance, you will find a wonderful variety of Indian choker necklaces that are royal and every bit marvelous. Effortlessly royal, they are a must-have this season!

Silver Gold Plated Choker Necklace Set

How can we forget the gorgeous and elaborate chandbali earrings? A jewellery piece enough to do the talking whether it is a saree or suit! Chandbali earrings online are a dazzler and a must have for every Indian occasion. The earrings are crafted with kundan polki and jadau designs which look nothing less than magnificent.

Kundan Chandbali Earrings


Every occasion and outfit needs a special kind of Indian ethnic jewelry to elevate your look. Go with a plain choker style necklace when in the mood to go minimal yet bold or opt for a pearl and gold necklace on the days you want to complete an eye-catching traditional Indian look. 

Enamel Choker Necklace

Pearl and Gold Necklace

Earrings can make such a big difference to any outfit and you'll find them galore in our Pure Elegance jewelry store. From the bold chandbalis and danglers to the elegant studs for weddings, parties and festivals, Pure Elegance is home to a line that's sure to have you crushing on it in an instant and it's not hard to see why. 

Amrapali earrings are every bit sophisticated, magnificent and tasteful. When speaking of Indian fashion jewelry, how can we miss out on lovely bracelets and bangles that can dress up the wrists oh-so-beautifully. Zircon and gold bangles are ideal for dainty and delicate outfits.

Zircon and Gold Bangles

Indian ethnic jewelry is not just for sarees and suits; they can add an alluring twist to your modern and western outfits as well. To compliment a modern look or dress up a simple one, take your pick from our beautiful line of Indian cuff bracelets. You can also pair your western shirts and denims with a pair of antique Indian silver earrings for a casual outing or wear minimal design silver stud earrings with formal wear and suits to your office to elevate your work style.

Silver Stud Earrings

Colors play an incredibly important role in jewelry too. Dark hues of red and green can make a jewelry piece lean more towards the traditional Indian side. Hues of blue and green can often lend a contemporary touch to the jewelry. Putting together two cold colors can add a dash of ethnic fun to your outfit while a piece of jewelry with only golden and white or glass tones can add elegance and versatility to it. 

Pure Elegance houses a ravishing range of Amrapali bangles, bracelets and earrings that you can buy online in USA.


Indian jewelry is not just an integral part of our culture but also of Bollywood fashion. It adds an extraordinary charm to traditional Indian look of Bollywood divas. The designs are exclusively crafted for the movies and take the Indian jewellery to a whole new level.

From elaborate kundan jewellery in Devdas to regal polki and jadau jewellery in Jodha Akhbar worn by Aishwarya Rai, every design is a masterpiece making traditional looks splendid and one of a kind.

In the recent times, Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani wore really exquisite and finest Indian costume jewelry including decorative maang tikka, passa, nath and alluring hand harness.

Talking of Bollywood jewellery from Amrapali magnum opus Baahubali had some unimaginable and magnificent Indian gold plated jewelry from Amrapali. Anushka Shetty made a royal princess in her gold plated maang tikka, nath, hair accessory, armlets, necklaces, and waistbands, which looked nothing less than extravagant! Amrapali jewelry online at Pure Elegance is your styling friend for a perfect princess and royal Indian look for weddings, festivals or be it any special occasion you are planning for.


While you invest in these beautiful and exquisite Pure Elegance jewelry pieces, it is also essential to store and maintain them well so they last longer. It is important that the silver and gold plated jewelry is stored right and cleaned from time to time.

  • Keep your silver jewelry away from cosmetics and perfume spray. Never apply makeup and perfume with your silver jewelry on.
  • Always clean your silver jewellery with clean cotton before storing, so that any trace of makeup and body oils is removed which can tarnish your jewelry.
  • Store silver jewelry in their respective boxes wrapped in anti-tarnish cloth or you can also wrap in cotton and keep. This will reduce their contact with moisture and air.
  • You can also keep silver gold plated jewelry in zip lock plastic bags assuring the all the air is removed from the bag.
  • To clean the silver jewellery you can use a polishing cloth specifically designed for silver.
  • For extreme tarnishing a home remedy works great for cleaning silver. Take an aluminum pan; add hot water, one tablespoon baking soda and one tablespoon salt. Keep the silver jewelry (not gold plated) and leave for 1 or more minutes depending on the level of tarnishing. Remove and wipe with a soft cloth.

These are some easy ways of maintaining and preventing your jewelry from damage.


The collection of ethnic fashion jewelry by Amrapali online in USA at Pure Elegance is one that's here to spoil you with choices. Elegant pearls, classic gold plated silver material, accents of amethysts, zircon, Kundan and glass – this vintage yet fashionable fleet has it all so you can choose from nothing but the gorgeous best when you buy Indian gold plated jewelry online in USA.

There's no better place than here to buy Amrapali jewelry in USA. With a stellar selection that houses resplendent pieces of ethnic fine and fashion jewelry, our Indian jewelry store is not to be missed!