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The Rich History of Fashion in India

It is said history repeats itself and it is no different for fashion! Indian fashion is as ancient as the human civilization with a mix of regional, cultural and historical influences. The fashion in India or anywhere else in the world always repeats itself in a decade or two bringing neoteric twists to the current fashion. Our generation is influenced by the world of fashion so much so that it has become as essential as food and water. And mind it, it is not just wearing clothes we are talking about but the ever evolving and changing fashion trends which we love to incorporate into our wardrobes. What all led to this? What are major influences? How does current fashion...

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An Artful Aesthetic: Applique Work

Coined from a French word “Appliquer” which implies to put on, the breath-taking art of Applique has been inspired by our household form of re-using the old or weary cloth in a way to make it look fresh and new like a stew! The form of embroidery that employs stitching or sewing of the large fabric or cloth on the affected part of the base layer in a way to conceal the torn part of the cloth in all its entirety is what Applique all about. This type of artform originated back in Benin, West Africa, in a small town called as Abomey, where the Applique manufacturing was treated as the crucial tradition, especially in the kingdom of Danhome in the early...

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Glorious Tales of Phulkari Art Tradition

The word “Phulkari” traces back to its Punjabi origin which implies “floral artwork”. Back in the times when the household women sat idle and rested peacefully during the day, their vested interests to express their thoughts and worldviews came into the picture through sheer artwork of Phulkari on a khadi piece of cloth. Sewing their imaginations coupled with the nature’s beauty, surrounding or conversation between a mother and a child was immaculately tapped through needles and thread.

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Revisit the Oldest City for Exotic Indulgence

Varanasi, the oldest city in the Indian history and Mythology is believed to be the holy places on Earth where the diverse cultures intersect and permeate through the glorious rich heritage that India has experienced. The city synonymous with oldest rituals, authentic Indian touch of royalty rests peacefully on the banks of River Ganges. The temples adorning the site of Aasi Ghat in Old Varanasi reminds us of the pious and chaste feeling of salvation. Varanasi is considered to be the hub of traditional rich Benarsi weaves that behold the eyes of the wearer and admirers all at once. The luxe gold threadwork and intricate detailing of patchwork and embroidery reflect the skill of trained artists and craftsmen who immaculately...

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