Ikkat Sarees


Indian fashion comes with a long, rich and unique heritage and history. Each weave, each pattern has a story to tell. Excellent craftsmanship coupled with skills that have been passed on from generation to generation, together, bring you the treasured Indian wear pieces. 


An incredibly popular and world renowned design in ethnic fashion is ikkat.  Also referred to as ikat, it is actually a dyeing technique that gives the textiles a specific pattern. To create ikat patterns on a fabric, the resist dyeing technique is put into action. In this method, the dye is prevented from coloring the whole cloth, thereby creating a pattern. Ikkat sarees are beautiful and stylish traditional Indian dresses created with ikat patterns in numerous designs.


The origin of ikat is unclear and scholars haven’t been able to document it. Though certain regions of Asia have shown strong ikkat heritage and hence could be possible places of origin including Indian subcontinent, Maritime Southeast Asia and Central Asia. But another probability is that ikat evolved at different places separately since it was also produced in pre-Columbian South American and Central regions.

The origin of word ‘ikat’ is linked to Indonesia, and the term was welcomed in European textile dictionary in early 20th century. Ikkat is called atlas by Uyghurs and they use it for women’s clothing only. Out of 27 types of Uyghur atlas today only 4 types are remaining.

A premier style of this unique dye is the double ikkat. In this method, both, the warp and weft are resist-dyed before weaving. Doubt ikkat dyeing requires high level of labor and skill. One of the key characteristics of the ikkat design is its blurriness. High level of craftsmanship combined with finer yarns can produce a design which is sharper. The difficulty in achieving this sharp ikkat design often results in higher prices of fabrics with less blurriness. However, it is important to note that the blurred design has become so popular in ikat that many a times people prefer it over sharper ones.

Ikkat fabrics are not limited to India alone. They are also found in Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and a few other countries. Each region has its own take on ikkat and in India; one can find stunning ikkat sarees and kurtas. Ikat has become a symbol of Indian craftsmanship and one of the key designs that Indian designers play with to create spectacular designer ikkat sarees, suits and anarkalis in magnificent palette of colors. Gaurang shah ace Indian designer creates ikkat saris in splendid designs and has glorified sarees to a different level!


Ikkat sarees are extremely popular all across India. It is interesting to note that several regions in India have their own unique styles of ikat sarees. Ikkat saris are unique and eye-catching with their vibrant abundance of colors and designs. They are made both in cotton and silk fabrics with finesse. Pure Elegance brings these magnificent ikat sarees online in a collection that will spoil you for choices. These beautiful sarees are a must-have in your ethnic wardrobes!

1.Pochampally ikat sarees
One of the most popular styles is the Pochampally ikat saree from Telangana. This style of ikat saree traditionally has intricate geometric patterns on it and is made using double ikkat textiles. The Puttapakka saree too, comes from Telangana, from the Nalgonda district. These double ikkat sarees come with a history of over 200 years and the ikat in this style of the ethnic sari is primarily warp based. It is interesting to note that the Puttapakka ikkat sarees are often marketed and sold under the name of Pochampally ikat sarees. The Pochampally village is home to over 5000 looms producing ikkat sarees and textiles because of which it is has found itself a spot on UNESCO's tentative list of world heritage sites as part of iconic Indian saree weaving clusters. 

2.Patola ikkat saree
Another incredibly popular style of ikkat saree is the patola saree. Often made in silk, this woven saree too is a double ikkat sari, similar to the Pochampally ikat saree. Highly prized, these traditional Indian dresses can take up to one year to make. This is because the strands of the fabric are often dyed separately before being woven together. Apart from geometric designs, these silk ikkat Patola sarees also have designs of flowers, parrots, elephants and dancing figures. The Patola sarees are made in Patan, in the state of Gujarat and the weaving is strictly a family tradition with only three families weaving these double ikkat silk saris. It is rumored that the weaving process is taught to no one else apart from the sons of the family. 

Patola Ikkat Saree

3.Sambhalpuri ikat saree
A Sambhapuri sari is from the state of Orissa and is a hand-woven saree with ikkat design. In this variety, the warp and weft are dyed prior to weaving the saree. Sambhapuri ikkat sarees are designed and decorated with beautiful ethnic motifs including wheel, flowers, and shells. But the ultimate feature of these sarees is the ‘Bandhakala’, a traditional artistry of tie and dye, which can be seen in the detailed weaves of the saree also called Sambhalpuri ikkat. The threads are tied and dyed first and then woven by hand into Baandha fabric. Some of the popular varieties of Sambhalpuri ikat saris include Pasapali, Sonepari, Barpali, Bapta and Bomkai.

4.Ikkat Saree with Kanchi Border
These sarees have a rich and exquisite design with a heavy Kanchipuram border and pallu. The ikat sari looks regal with a gold zari border and is made from silk. It is one of a kind saree which you can find online at Pure Elegance in bright colors to suit your taste for Indian aesthetics.

Ikkat Saree with Kanchi Border


Ikkat sarees are no ordinary sarees; these sarees are worn by women with an inclination for tasteful Indian designs. They can be styled and worn on multiple occasions casual or formal due to their versatile designs. We bring you some tips on how you can style an ikat saree on different occasions!           

Ikkat saree for puja and festivals: Simple yet elegant is the way to go for a puja or festival. Choose our pink and yellow ikkat silk saree with a multicolor border or an orange and pink cotton ikkat sari and pair with a round neckline blouse. Stack on some bangles and traditional silver gold plated jhumki and round off the look with a bindi, your traditional Indian look is ready!

Pink and Yellow Ikkat Saree for Puja

Orange and Pink Ikkat Saree for festivals


Ikkat sari for family get-togethers: Ikkat sarees are the most perfect choices for casual dinners, outings or family get-togethers. For saree lovers, an ikkat saree makes a statement of its own! Go for a stylish blue ikkat saree with a multicolor border for a family get-together, keep it understated with open hair and some silver jewelry.

Blue Ikkat Saree with Multicolor Border

For a dinner outing, choose a black ikkat saree for a stylish look!

Black cotton ikat saree

Ikat saree for wedding and receptions: To stand out in a wedding crowd an ikkat silk saree will be an exclusive pick. Choose ikkat saree with kanchipuram border or a kanjivaram saree with ikkat border, both styles will make you a head turner at a wedding or reception! Wear it with traditional Indian jewelry, put your hair into a bun with gajra and round off your look with a bindi. You are sure to spread your traditional charm everywhere!

Kanchipuram saree with ikkat border

Ikkat saree for bride: A bridal trousseau has to be exclusive with carefully handpicked ethereal Indian sarees. An ikkat silk saree with kanjivaram border will make a bride’s saree collection exquisite and memorable which will last a lifetime!

Blue Ikkat Silk Saree

Pure Elegance brings a variety of ikkat sarees online in beautiful designs, fabrics and bright colors, perfect for various occasions!


Sarees and our Bollywood divas go hand in hand, for years now Indian actresses have brought glory and glamor to sarees with their perfect ethnic style. Wear your ikkat saree with traditional jewelry, hair bun with gajra and a bindi like Kiran Kher for wedding occasions and be a traditional diva Bollywood style! For relatively casual occasions you can wear ikkat sarees like Vidya Balan does with minimal jewelry and makeup for a subtle and understated look!

Whenever confused about styling your saree always turn to our beautiful Bollywood actresses for taking the right hint of traditional style!


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