Indian Bridal Sarees

Time to doll up with heavenly Bridal Sarees

Your big day is approaching and you are still arrested in a dilemma of finding that out of the world you are struggling; you are confused and most of all you want to be that never seen before bride! The struggle is real but can be sorted out with a little planning and guidance. especially have a lot of things on their mind for choosing wedding trousseau. Girls have a preconceived bridal image in their minds which they want to convert into a reality. Though are a ruling bridal outfit these days, it is a which is timeless and adds a quintessential charm to your bridal look. In many Indian cultures a saree is a must wear for the bride and they look absolutely divine! Apart from the wedding day, a bride needs beautiful for different occasions like cocktail, reception, dinners or parties to show her exquisite taste for. Today you can pick from a myriad of bridal sarees; and create an unimaginable bridal style!

How to select a perfect Bridal Saree?

The selection of an Indian bridal saree is driven by individual’s taste, preferences, and culture. An array of Bridal saree styles can often leave you puzzled with questions; which will look good on me? Will I look the best bride ever in this saree? Oh, I have little time left! This is good, no that one is even better, oh! I don’t know what to buy! Well, every bride goes through this phase. We help you with our insight to bridal saree selection; this will get you through those shopping confusions!

Plan in advance: Planning makes a difference and takes away the indecisiveness. If you plan in advance, it will give you time to do some market research to pick out the best bridal saree styles. If you finalize 4-5 months ahead of your wedding day, it will leave you satisfied and happy, so you can relax and enjoy the wedding celebrations. A late planning can disrupt all your perfect bridal dreams and leave you unsatisfied about your selection. It can also lead to spending more on your bridal outfit, so advance planning is a must!

Set a budget: Setting a budget is very important which will help to decide which bridal sarees will fit your pocket. It is the budget which ultimately determines the style, design, and fabric you will select.

Winter vs. Summer Bridal Sarees:
This is probably the first question that everyone asks a bride, are you getting married in summers or winters? A summer bridal saree should be picked from lighter fabrics like summer silks, a net lehenga saree, designer chiffon saree or Banarasi georgette sari. Choose from lighter shades like pink, orangish red or pinkish red. Avoid deep colors like deep red or maroon. Go for woven sarees with zari work instead of heavy embellished sarees, they will keep you comfortable!
Pink Georgette Banarasi Saree - Perfect for summer Indian wedding
For a winter bride, color is not a problem! You can choose any color without worries. You have a great variety of bridal sarees to choose from. Heavy Kanchipuram silk sarees, embroidered velvet sarees or heavy lehenga sarees. Heavy saree designs are a good choice for a winter bride!
Red Kancipuram bridal silk saree - Perfect for winter Indian wedding

Daytime vs. Nighttime Bridal Saree:
This brings the doubt of colors in a bride’s mind. Choose light colors like pink, peach, yellow or orange, colors which look soothing to the eyes are the best for a daytime wedding. For a nighttime wedding, you can choose dark colors of your choice like red or maroon.

Select as per body type:
Keeping your body type in mind is another pre-requisite to choosing a bridal saree. For curvy brides choosing from lighter fabrics like georgette, chiffon or crepes is a great choice since they fit the body curves perfectly. Deep colors conceal any extra bulges subtly.
Indian Bridal Saree Deep Color - ideal for large size brides

For petite brides wearing a heavy bridal silk saree or a Banarasi brocade saree is a perfect choice. It gives fuller look to the body. Light shades of peach, pink or orange make a right pick for them.
Brocade banarasi silk saree - perfect for petite brides

For tall brides wearing a heavy embroidered bridal sarees or a Kanchipuram silk sarees or a Banarasi georgette saree makes a fit choice. Short brides can wear silk sarees with thin or narrow borders.

Select a fabric:
Depending on the above factors you can determine the fabric choice. For summers fabrics like Banarasi georgette, chiffon, crepe or net work the best. For winters it is best to choose woven silk fabrics for bridal sarees.

Select a style:
Style of an Indian bridal saree is dependent on culture and taste. For every culture, there are specific draping styles and saree designs which are a must wear on the wedding day. It also depends on personal taste some like heavy bridal sarees and some like light bridal sarees. Saree style also depends on the wedding occasion like whether it is for a cocktail, engagement or reception, for every occasion style will be different.

Select a color:
Though we have discussed different points to keep in mind while selecting a color like the season, time of the day, body type; personal taste always comes into play while selecting a color.

Customized bridal saree vs. Readymade bridal saree

Many brides want their bridal sarees to be customized as per their choice and budget. In this case, it involves a designer and a tailor who will design the saree as outlined by the bride but it also involves the hassle of running to tailors and the risk of a substandard stitching and design which every bride dreads!

Readymade bridal sarees have a variety of designs and styles which can spoil you for choices and at the same meet your requirements. It is a great option if you don’t have much time left until your wedding day. Readymade bridal sarees online offer a multitude of designs, styles, and fabrics to find your favorite from!

While all these factors help to select a bridal saree, the final selection of the saree lies ultimately with the bride who should be happy and comfortable with her choice.

How to select a stunning blouse for a bridal saree?

A saree blouse is really an important part of the bridal look. A well stitched and designed blouse can really elevate the bridal style. If you are going for a heavy embroidered bridal saree, it is good to keep the blouse design minimal so that the saree stands out. For a Kanchipuram silk saree, you can go for some light embroidery on the blouse to make it subtly more bridal. Embellishments like laces and latkans add a hint of glitter on the saree blouse. But above all, it should be well fitted to cut that perfect bridal picture.

What are different types of Bridal Sarees in Indian culture?

The diverse culture of India brings a colorful platter of bridal sarees specific to states and regions. A cultural bridal saree is a symbol of a rich tradition which every bride carries with her.

North Indian Brides:
In North Indian states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan, brides mostly wear lehengas on the wedding day. They prefer wearing designer bridal sarees on other occasions like engagement, reception or cocktail party. The choices float between stylishly embroidered chiffon sarees for a cocktail to heavy lehenga sarees for an engagement or reception.
Bridal lehenga saree - favorite for North-Indian brides

South Indian Bride:
If you want to see a perfect silk bridal saree example then South Indian brides fit every inch of that description. Rich woven Kanchipuram silk sarees are a staple wear for brides in South India. This includes states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. While brides from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh wear rich and vibrant bridal silk sarees, a bride from Kerala dons an understated and elegant white and gold silk saree. In Karnataka, Coorgi bride has a distinct Kodaku style bridal saree which is a traditional drape of the region. They wear heavy red silk saree with a red dupatta and blouse and draping style very distinct. South Indian brides wear lots of heavy gold jewelry with their wedding day.
Traditional Kanjivaram silk saree - usual choice for South-Indian brides
Elegant Kanchipuram silk saree - great choice for South Indian brides

Maharashtrian Bride:
A Maharashtrian bride looks absolutely pure in her dhoti style bridal saree. She wears either a rich woven Paithani silk saree or a silk sari with a zari border. They wear distinct traditional jewelry like Mundavalya, Nath, Tanmani and Kolhapuri Saaz which is typical of a Maharashtrian bride.
Classic red paithani silk saree - a must have for Maharastrian brides

Gujarati Bride:
Gujarati brides wear two kinds of bridal sarees Panetar and Gharchola. Panetar is a white silk saree with embroidered motifs and a red border whereas Gharchola is a beautiful maroon bandhini silk saree with zari thread check pattern; often they have a green border.  They wear their saree pallus from back to front. They are a symbol of a rich Gujarati culture.

Bengali Bride:
A Bengali bride dons a rich woven red Banarasi silk saree with a dupatta over the head. Beautiful white alpana pattern on the forehead, a red round bindi and a white mukut or headgear is distinctive of a Bengali bride style.
Red and off white banarasi silk saree - a must have for a Bengali bride

Assamese Bride:
An Assamese bride wears Mekhla chador as a bridal outfit. This traditional bridal outfit is simple yet striking. Mekhla is made on Muga silk with exquisite gold thread work. It comprises of two pieces of clothing; Mekhla is the wrapped skirt or sarong. Chador is a long piece of cloth which is draped around the upper body. The whole ensemble looks like a beautiful bridal saree.

Bihari Bride: 
Brides from Bihar wear sarees during pheras in red or yellow colors. They wrap a dupatta or odhni in yellow or red color. The saree is draped in “Seedha Aanchal” style.
Red and maroon bridal saree - very popular for Bihari brides
These are some of the prominent cultures in India where brides wear traditional sarees as their wedding outfit.

What are different draping styles for a Bridal saree?

The draping of a saree must be impeccable; it defines a bride’s culture as well as bridal style. There are different saree draping styles as per different cultures and fashion.

Maharashtrian saree draping:
This drape is also called as Nauvari saree drape. It requires a long 9 yards saree instead of 6 yards to create a perfect Maharashtrian bridal saree look. There is no petticoat worn in this saree style, instead legging or tights are worn. The pleats are made in front and tucked at left side; then center pleats are taken to the back and tucked at the center back. It is a signature drape of a Maharashtrian saree worn at various occasions.

Gujarati saree draping:
In Gujarati saree draping the pallu is worn from back to the front on right side and then it is spread out in the front and tucked at the back. A Gujarati saree drape is great for flaunting heavy embroidery on pallu.

Bengali saree draping:
A Bengali saree drape is grace personified and true symbol of Bengali culture. The saree has two broad pleats made from left to right and the pallu is pleated and pinned on the left shoulder. One end of the pallu has a trinket or a heavy key chain pinned to it, this end is brought from under the right arm and kept on the right shoulder. The key chain helps to keep the pallu in place.

Assamese saree draping:
The Assamese Mekhla chador has two pieces of clothing. Mekhla is worn like a skirt with pleats in the front. The chador is draped like a saree pallu and the other end of the chador is brought in the front and tucked in with front pleats while leaving 1/4th of the chador hanging in front to form triangle pleat which is pinned with the pleats of Mekhla. The chador is then pleated and pinned on left shoulder, the remaining chador is draped from back to the right shoulder. This style is particular to the state of Assam brings a traditional charm in a bridal saree.

Bihar saree draping:
The Seedha Aanchal saree drape is quite similar to Gujarati Seedha pallu or Rajrani saree style where pallu is brought from back to the front on the right shoulder.

Lehenga saree draping:
This kind of bridal saree draping gives the illusion of a lehenga. It is best for designer georgette or chiffon sarees. The pleats of the saree are big and draped snugly around the waist to create a lehenga look and the pallu is pleated and pinned on the left shoulder. It is stylish draping style for an engagement party or reception.

Nivi style saree draping:
The traditional Nivi saree drape is from Andhra Pradesh. Today this drape is adapted to modern and fashionable saree draping styles. The saree is draped like a normal saree but the pallu is pleated and pinned on the left shoulder. It flaunts the body curves beautifully and is a great pick for a cocktail party.

Coorgi saree draping:
A Coorgi sari draping is a style which you don’t get to see normally. A silk or cotton silk saree drapes immaculately in Coorgi style. The distinct feature of this style is the pallu draping, which is taken underarms over the chest horizontally and wrapped around. The leftover short end is taken the under the right arm and pinned on the right shoulder. It is simple and a mark of Coorg culture.

Mermaid style saree draping:
For an attractive mermaid figure this saree drape is perfect. The drape doesn’t have front pleats; it looks like a skirt from the front. The pallu is pleated and pinned on right shoulder from back to front like a Seedha pallu but the length is more it is only 4 inches above the ground. The pallu is then opened in the front and draped around from the back and brought in the front from the right side, it is then pinned with the petticoat snugly in the front. This draping style is a great choice for an engagement party.

Mumtaz style saree draping:
This iconic saree drape of yesteryear actress Mumtaz is still a hit with the brides. This drape has only two pleats in the front and rest of the saree is wrapped around like a spiral, making sure that each wrap is 4 to 5 inches of the previous wrap. Now take the pallu and makes pleats, wrap it around and secure the pleats with pins on the left shoulder. Choose sarees with thin lace border or sequin border to flaunt the drape beautifully. A classy retro style of saree draping for your cocktail party!

Double saree draping:
This saree drape is for an alluring and regal bridal style. It involves two contrasting pattern sarees to create a magnificent saree drape. The pallu is pleated and pinned on both the shoulders; one saree is used for creating a Seedha pallu from back to front on the right shoulder and the other saree is draped like a normal saree taking the pallu from front to back. This style is an elaborate saree drape and fits the wedding day. Woven silk or Banarasi silk sarees make a perfect pick for this drape.

How to choose a bridal saree for other wedding occasions?

A wedding has many pre and post celebrations; every occasion requires a different style of design and draping. Wedding bridal sarees must be chosen carefully for every occasion to create a perfect bridal look.

Choose a beautiful designer lehenga saree or an embroidered georgette saree for creating a head-turning bridal style. Go for subtle embroidery for a feminine style on your engagement party.
Red embroidered chiffon saree - great for Indian engagement

A mehendi function is for donning a traditional outfit. Most of the brides prefer wearing suits or skirts, but Bengali brides-to-be wear their traditional sarees. Well, given all the mehendi ceremony we don’t suggest that you do but if you are willing to go off route then try wearing light skirt style saree draping; it will look like a saree and yet feel comfortable like a skirt.

All the glitz and glam is meant for a cocktail party! Try a gorgeous embellished saree draped in Nivi style or a saree gown to make a stylish statement.
Pink net and navy blue velvet saree, perfectly embellished for Indian cocktail wedding dinner

Well this occasion is quite close in style to an engagement party but you can choose lehenga sarees with vibrant colors and heavy embroideries. You can also go for a half and half designer georgette sarees or a Kanjivaram silk saree. Make a special impression with your bridal saree in the new family.
Shaded two-tone yellow and brown georgette saree with embroidery - perfect for Indian wedding reception

Dinners or parties:
After all the wedding celebrations galore, invitations to formal dinners and parties start pouring in. A saree gives an impressive image of your style. Choose from regal woven silk sarees, Maheshwari silk sarees, stylish georgette sarees or chiffon sarees.
Classic yellow maheswari silk saree - ideal dinner attire for newly wed Indian bride for wedding dinner

Though these are few tips for choosing bridal sarees for different wedding occasions, again personal taste, culture and family preferences can’t be neglected.

Which Indian bridal sarees are a must have in your saree collection?

Keep classic bridal sarees always with you! New styles and designs will come and go but these timeless sarees will always remind you of those special moments.

Woven silk sarees like Kanchipuram saris, Banarasi silk sarees, Muga silk sarees or Paithani silk saree; Banarasi georgette saree, Tissue Banarasi Sari, Kota saree, Maheshwari silk saree, designer chiffon saree are a must have in your bridal saree collections. These are evergreen and classic bridal sarees.

Be a Bollywood bride with Indian bridal sarees

Many of the brides aspire to look a Bollywood bride inspired from a movie. They make all the efforts to transform their bridal style into a fabulous Bollywood bride. Take some tips to elevate your wedding look with some Bollywood inspiration!

For a divine Aishwarya Rai Bengali Bride look in Choker Bali you can choose from a variety of red silk sarees and pair it with a puff sleeve blouse. Complete your bridal look with traditional gold jewelry and Bengali bride makeup.
Pure Silk concept bridal saree for your Bollywood wedding

She also made a stunning Gujarati Bride in Hum Dil Chuke Sanam wearing a Panetar bridal saree in white and red color with gold jewelry, embroidered saree blouse and a dupatta over her head. Get inspired by her ethereal bridal look for your wedding day!

To look like beautiful Deepika Padukone dressed as a Tamilian bride in Chennai Express wear a heavy Kanjeevaram silk saree with heavy gold zari border. Round off your look with gold jewelry and a heavy gajra.
Classic Deepika Padukone Kanjivaram Silk Saree for your Bollywood wedding
Shraddha Kapoor made a quintessential South bride-to-be in movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein wearing a red and white saree with gold zari border and kundan jewelry. Take some cue from her understated and elegant bridal saree look.
White Shraddha Kapoor bridal saree with zari border matches perfectly with kundan jewelry

Priyanka Chopra’s stunning Maharastrian saree looks in Bajirao Mastani and the innocent bride looks in Agnipath are worth trying. Wear beautiful Paithani silk bridal saree as your wedding outfit and pair with traditional Maharastrian jewelry, half moon bindi and lots of fresh roses in your hair.  This Bollywood bride is sure to blow everyone away!
Purple Priyanka Chopra paithani saree gives the glamour to your Bollywood wedding

There is always so much to get inspired from our Bollywood beauties when it comes to Indian ethnic fashion, pick your favorite bridal sarees online and be a stunning bride!

Where to buy Indian Bridal Sarees in USA?

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Cheap bridal sarees online vs. Classic timeless bridal sarees from Pure Elegance

While creating a bridal saree collection you want each saree to be a fine, exquisite and timeless piece which you can wear for ages. A bridal saree collection deserves every bit of fine work and craftsmanship! Buying bridal sarees online is a good approach since saves a lot of time but buying cheap sarees may not!

Cheap bridal sarees online are light on your pocket but the pieces are low in quality and lack the classic touch that an Indian bridal saree has. The work and finishing always matter in your bridal saree as that will last with you for a lifetime. A cheap bridal saree doesn’t assure the purity of the fabrics like silks and georgettes, you may think you have made a good deal but in real it isn’t! The fabrics may be artificial or a dupe, so will you like to wear a cheap replica saree on your wedding day, we hope not. To create a perfect bridal saree look it is important to make the right saree choice.

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